Modding Kit Installation Guide

I. Update Your Game

Might & Magic X – Legacy should auto-patch itself through your Steam or Uplay client. If the game does not auto-patch itself, you can check ingame if everything is up to date. To do that, simply launch the game and inspect in the bottom right corner of the main menu. If your game version is at least 1.2.2 then you're all set.

For more information on the patch installation process, you can check the Open Dev Blog tutorial

II. Download Unity Pro

The MMX Modding Kit is available exclusively through Unity Pro, and you can download it here. Please note that although Unity Pro is not freeware, you can still use the Modding Kit thanks to the free 30-day trial of Unity Pro. If you want a glimpse at the different features that should be available with Unity Pro, click here.

III. Follow the Guide!

We know that the MMX Modding Kit will have the greatest appeal to the most hardcore players of our community, but we still created a special video tutorial for you!

If you are looking for more information on the Modding Kit, we also designed a tutorial document.

Last but not least, you can find a lot of Unity tutorials by following this link.

Might & Magic X – Legacy Open Dev Blog is the link between the dev team and you. As we give you the opportunity to play the game at an early stage of development, we invite you to contribute to this great project. To do so, the dev team proposes you vote on a wide range of subjects: community dungeon, music, monster type and many more aspects! Furthermore on the Open Dev Blog you’ll gain great insight into the game development process, discovering work in progress materials and early concepts. Join the Open Dev Blog and make your opinion matter!

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