Dungeon Vote #4: Elements

After choosing the tileset (ruins) and the type of gameplay (balanced) for our user-created dungeon, we now ask you to decide on the general theme, which will also influence the types of monsters that you will encounter in the dungeon.

So which theme do you like best? (For more information see the related News article!)


Non-Elemental (Undead, Orc, Brigands)

You like places that are haunted, or you feel like exploring orc and goblin territory, or maybe you prefer to fight rogues and brigans? Then pick this category!
41 %

Elemental B (Air, Light, Darkness)

You like storm, feel attracted to the pure, the holy and the deadly, or you prefer places where death lurks in the shadow? Then pick this option!
38 %

Elemental A (Fire, Water, Earth)

Fiery spirits or Nagas and other sea creatures or wild animals are your thing? Then these are your elements!
21 %
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