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It's time to choose the story now! All three story proposals have been submitted by fans. Please remind that this vote is only related to one special dungeon of the game, not the game as a whole. There are more than twenty other dungeons waiting for you in MMX! And this is what the dungeon looks like already:


You can now choose a story for the dungeon. There are three options:


Enshammon’s proposal: The Sorceress and the Witch

Legend tells of a prince who was betrothed to a sorceress but instead fell in love with a witch. When the sorceress learned of this, she banished the witch to the royal dungeon and warded the prison with riddles. The prince sent his guards and scholars, but this enraged the witch because he did not dare come himself. She cursed them all to eternal anguish. The adventurers have come to learn the truth of this legend and what became of each of the flawed lovers.


Kalah’s proposal: The Ancient King

The adventurers are told a story of an ancient king who hid his vast fortune in a secret vault below his palace. A powerful wizard, the king placed traps in the dungeon to keep intruders away. Centuries later, the king’s palace is long gone and the entrance to the tomb seems lost. However, according to legend, the structures below remain intact. People say that the king’s spirit still haunts the dungeon. Believing the story is more than legend, the adventurers search for the crypt. They find the entrance under a pool of water; inside, they face the king’s magical guards. (Also, we'd add that nice gameplay idea from x45x55x43x4B to this story: a dungeon without any creatures at first that turns into a deathtrap when you have reached the end.)


Ericnorway´s proposal: The Beer Dungeon

The dungeon holds a local town’s supply of alcohol. The undead have invaded, and now the villagers don’t have anything to drink at the pub. You must retrieve the alcohol so some of the pub’s patrons will tell you where some fabulous treasure is hidden.


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The contest ends on Sunday, August 4st.


Now please pick the story that you think fits the dungeon best. Here are the options:


The Sorceress and the Witch [Enshammon]

A story of love and betrayal, involving a prince, sorceress, and a witch. The party will find out what became of each of the flawed lovers.
41 %

The Ancient King [Kalah]

An ancient king hid his vast fortune in a secret vault below his palace. Find it, but beware ... the palace ruins might still be haunted!
34 %

The Beer Dungeon [Ericnorway]

The locals are agitated: the Undead have stolen their booze! Retrieve the alcohol, and the pub's patron will reveal to you the location of a fabulous treasure.
25 %
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