Character Classes & Races

Part 1: Party creation vs. The default party


We have noticed that many of you are interested in the party and character classes. After the first pictures had been shared, there was quite a discussion about parties and classes on the Might & Magic Facebook page as well as on the forums. So today we’d like to give you more detailed information on how parties are created in MMX, and how the races and character classes work.



The party creation


Party Creation


When starting a game of Might & Magic X, you will have two options: either start right away with a default party (more details below), or you can manually choose and customize four different heroes.


If you decide to customize each hero, the first feature you will have to pick is the race, which then defines the different classes available for heroes of that race. Each race also has their specials:  Humans for example come with additional start skills, Dwarfs have more health points, Elves are more resistant and Orcs have increased critical damage.

Also, you can select a portrait and voice for your character (for example cynical or heroic). The choices you have here depend on the class’s race and the character’s gender.





Altogether, if you decide to create new characters instead of using the default ones, you have the following options:


- Choose the gender of the character

- Choose the class of the character

- Choose the default name of the character to a name of your choice

- Choose the portrait of the character

- Choose the voice of the character

- Modify the attributes, health and mana points

- Select two additional start skills for the character in addition to the default start skills


The class of a character gives you different skill options. Also, each class has a dedicated paragon class. In general, you can unlock the paragon class by finishing an epic quest chain, which will give you access to the Grand Master tiers and improve the character even more.


When you start playing the game, each of the characters you created will have certain default skills on level 1, including the two additional skills chosen by you. When your character levels up, you can choose whether you want to improve the already existing skills (and which ones), or if you want your character to learn and improve other skills. By visiting trainers, your characters will even be able to learn expert, master and grandmaster skills. You will get to know more about trainers and skills in another posting that’s currently in the pipeline. :)


Each character has the following attributes which can be improved during the game:





The default party



Default Party 

(Ingame picture: Work in progress)


The default party consists of a Dwarf Defender, an Orc Barbarian, an Elven Ranger, and a Human Freemage.

As mentioned above, this race combination ensures that you party members have different specials, for example more health points for the Dwarf and so on. Furthermore, the default party has additional start skills. Each skill has special features on its tiers description. We will soon provide you with more information on that in a separate posting about skills and spells.



Members of the default party







“The Freemage is the master of air magic but has the greatest flexibility to switch to another school. Her life time can be pretty short if she gets in the focus of attacks. Magical foci are her hobby.”

The Freemage’s business is magic of any kind. She has no clue about weapons, but she knows how to cast a mighty fireball or a devastating thunderstorm. In fact, she can become quite excellent with Fire and Air. But basically she is familiar with all schools of magic. The Freemage uses artifacts in order to channel the magic forces and enhance her magic dimensions.


She shouldn’t get involved too much in melee fights; else her end might come soon.







“The bow is the Ranger’s favorite weapon. Although she can fight well in melee combat, she doesn’t want to participate, because she could die fast. She rather likes to support the party with Earth magic.”


The Ranger is a great range damage dealer, using her bow and the magic support of Earth. She has a very good perception and finds the vulnerable spots of her enemies.


She can carry all kinds of weapons, but she lacks the might to be really deadly in melee combat. However, she can learn all about Warfare to get quite a useful fighter, since she has a lot of mana to spend.  As all Elves, she prefers light armor and is pretty fragile, but evades attacks very skillfully.




“The most defensive fighter is the Defender. He carries plate mail and broad shield and he is very steady and sustains a lot of damage. He is the perfect protector of weak persons.”


Dwarves are sturdy, and the Defender is the best example for that. He can take lots of damage with his heavy armor and huge shield before he falls. The axe is his favorite weapon and he is a capable melee fighter, still his real strength lies in the protection of others.


He barely manages to shoot with a crossbow, and he would never ever touch bow and arrow. He can learn the basics of Fire magic.







 “The Barbarian fights without armor not to be handicapped when he unleashes brutal strikes on his foe. With two weapons or with a two-handed weapon, he doesn't care.”


The Barbarian deals the most melee damage with melee weapons, and favours using two-handed weapons or two weapons at once. Therefore he prefers the mace or axe. But his life is rather low, he is not particularly good at evading, and to make things even worse, he has no idea of how to use a shield. Anyway, he’s capable of redirecting damage.


Light armor is his first choice, and he once heard how to use a bow.