Fun, fun, fun

We want your opinion: what makes a game fun for you?


Exploring uncharted territory. Gaining fat loot. Socializing with friends in the tavern. Defeating an enemy who his so much better equipped than you. Fun in a game can have many different manifestations. What makes a game fun from your point of view?


For example, znork, dedicated fan of Might & Magic, has reminded us to keep fun in focus while making the game.  “Yes have we rembered fun? we must rember that the game must be fun to play”, znork says, and “and well, blowing things up is fun. I personlay like overpowerd spells when i become high level.”  (For those of you who have been wondering: yes, znork uses his own style of language.)




 “Fun is a question of perspective. Some think clowns are fun, some think sitcoms are fun, and for others, fun means killing unsuspecting adventurers with a mace that is bigger than their leg.”



So znork has started supporting our quest for fun by opening this thread on the official MMX board (thanks!), asking «fun what is it and chow it chould be added to MMX»


There has already been some very interesting feedback on that thread, like for example


  • - Secrets, hidden treasures and other hidden things, riddles. A non-linear game that encourages exploration.
  • - Exciting combats (different opponents, combat options etc.)
  • - Char development with lots of valid options, the skills upgrade system (expert, master, grandmaster)
  • - A good story
  • - Interesting quests (variety!)


But since we can’t be sure everyone who reads this blog also reads the forum, we’re asking you once more here on the blog:


What does a game need in order for you to say “yay, this is fun”? What exactly is it that puts the fun into an RPG for you? Please let us know in the comments!