Meet the team - today: Marcus, Game Designer

Hello everyone, we'd like to introduce to you another member of the dev team. Marcus (LE-Marcus), who is working as a game designer at Limbic Entertainment, has taken a little break and answered a couple of questions about designing MMX and why he wants to be a Dwelf.



What is your role at Limbic Entertainment?


I started working at Limbic Entertainment in 2005 as freelance game designer during my studies of Media Production. I have been involved in the design processes of several PC games and browser based games. Depending on the team setup and the individual project my fields of work can vary quite a bit. But mainly I am responsible for creating the GDD (Game Design Document), the Necronomicon of game development projects. Apart from that I am supposed to transport and keep the “vision” of the game, juggle vast balancing spreadsheets and to create “fun”. *sigh*



What does your average day at work look like?


It all comes down to words. The most common thing I do is to write: either as a means of communication or in order to cast the game definition on paper. Especially in the early phase of development you will see me pacing up and down the corridors with pulsing veins on my forehead, trying to come up with fitting features and mechanics.






What is the best part about your job?


The best part is the variety of tasks every project offers to me as the game designer. Just looking at the core fields, it starts with conception and definition on paper and includes communication and discussions with the publisher. In addition, there’s collaborating with the executing colleagues to get the idea across, and it leads to evaluating the results and iterating. In the end the focus shifts to spreadsheets and numbers, supporting content creation and play testing. And hey: This time you can add fan communication to the list! :-)



What do you like most about MMX in general?


The fact that I am part of the development team of the successor of one of my favorite games back when I was still a kid and couldn’t even comprehend how games are made. So you can say that MMX is fulfilling the childhood dream I never had. I personally really like the fact that we decided to go for the grid based movement and turn based combat as it brings the game closer to Xeen and provided interesting design challenges.



Which M&M games did you play, which one do you like best, and why?


I played the Might & Magic RPGs from IV to VIII, Dark Messiah and Heroes V. I think I spent the biggest amount of time on Might & Magic IV, World of Xeen although I never finished it. ;-)

I guess I never really sympathized with the half-baked 3D games of the 90ies in general which also applies to the M&M RPGs after World of Xeen. But in general I always loved the fact that the M&M games seemed much more inviting and fresh than comparable RPG computer games that are based on elaborated pen and paper systems.



What kind of gamer are you according to the Bartle test?


First of all I need to point out that it really pains me to answer clearly MMO related questions as I simply don’t play MMOs at all – I do not mind playing besides others, but grumpy old me certainly doesn’t want to interact with others. But for anyone interested in the evaluation of hypothetical answers: I am an EASK.



Would you rather be a Human, Elf, Dwarf or Orc?


I know that in most fantasy universes this wouldn’t even be remotely possible, but I would certainly be something like a Dwelf! I like being on my own, looking down on others, prefer silver over gold and forests over mountains. But I also like beer, feasting, (heavy) metal and rock(s).



What are you currently playing, reading, or listening to?


The main game I am currently playing is “Batman: Arkham City”. On Facebook I got stuck to “Bushwhacker 2” and “Triple Town”. In between I am playing short sessions of “Street Fighter vs Tekken”, “The Binding of Isaac” or “Faster than Light”.

I just started reading “The World According to Garp” by John Irving. I am watching the animes “One Piece” and “Hunter” and am enthralled by the whacky weirdness of “Adventure Time” while I am waiting for the final seasons of “Dexter” and “Breaking Bad”.

Currently my car has “Turbonegro”, “Kvelertak” and Bach’s “Brandenburg Concertos” in heavy rotation.



What's your motto?


There is always a catch!



Your message to the fans?


Look behind you, a Three-Headed Monkey!