Meet the team - today: Julien, Creative Designer

Julien (Marzhin93), creative designer and writer for MMX, describes himself as "the quintessential geek". Why's that? Read for yourselves! ;)



Who are you and what is your role at Ubisoft?


Hello, my name is Julien Pirou, and I'm the creative designer and writer of Might & Magic X Legacy. I joined Ubisoft in late 2009, shortly after the release of Clash of Heroes, to work on Heroes VI as Level Designer. Before that, I was doing maps as a fan (my best-known work for Heroes is probably the "Legends of the Ancients" campaign for Heroes V). Might & Magic X is my dream project since I joined Ubisoft and I'm very happy that it's finally happening.


Which M&M games did you play, which one do you like best, and why?


I played all of them. The first one I played was actually Might & Magic II on the Sega Mega Drive console (Genesis in the US). I was 7 or 8 at the time, and didn't go very far, but it left quite an impression on me: Corak's spirit appearing to you at the beginning, the Pegasus... and being attacked by 52 beggars and 36 giant rats two steps out of the inn in Middlegate.

My favourite Might & Magic games are World of Xeen and Mandate of Heaven. I replay them on a regular basis.




Would you rather be a human, elf, dwarf or orc?


I think I'm pretty much a Dwarf already. I have the red hair, the beard, the grumpy personality, and workaholic tendencies.


What are you currently playing, reading, or listening to?


Currently I'm reading Garrett P.I., a wonderful series of novels by Glen Cook melding fantasy with noir. As a big fan of Raymond Chandler I'm having a blast. I'm also usually reading anything from Terry Pratchett and William Gibson.

As far as games are concerned, I'm mostly playing adventure games and RPGs. I'm mainly a solo player and could never get into MMORPGs. Currently I’m replaying the original Ace Attorney trilogy in HD on my iPad and finally found the time to start Castlevania Lords of Shadow on PS3. I'm also backing tons of Kickstarter projects; among others, I’m eagerly waiting for Shadowrun Returns.

When I listen to music it's usually blues or 70s rock, from Black Sabbath or Deep Purple to ZZTop.


Any other interesting hobbies?


I guess I'm pretty much the quintessential geek. I like comics and movies (Casablanca, Captain Blood and The Blues Brothers are my favourite movies ever), and even play tabletop roleplaying games (I'm currently running an Earthdawn campaign). I play some guitar but I'm incredibly bad :p

I'm also doing TV shows about "retrogaming" and tabletop RPGs on Nolife, a small, aptly-named French TV channel made by geeks for geeks.


What's your motto?


Don't say something is impossible before giving it a try.


Your message to the fans?


Might & Magic X Legacy is a very special project for the Might & Magic team, both at Limbic Entertainment and Ubisoft. This is our love letter to the early Might & Magic titles, as we felt it was important to pay tribute to the series' beginnings. Right now we are "stretching our muscles", so to speak, but hopefully "MMXL" is only the first step on a long and glorious road.