Dungeon Vote: Step II


We asked you a couple of days ago what kind of dungeon you would like to create. More than half of everyone who voted has opted for creating a completely new dungeon from scratch, so that’s what we’ll do. Thank you to all who have voted!



Here are the results from the first poll:


51% We want to design a completely new dungeon from scratch

37% We want to revive one of the classic dungeons from the old M&M games

12% We want to create a community-themed dungeon


Pick your favourite dungeon tileset


So the next step will be for you to decide on the setting of the dungeon. There are three options:





A: Castle


Dark, narrow corridors, small rooms, moist brickwork. The castle dungeon is the place to be on a summer day that’s way too hot … but on the other hand, you never know what’s around the next corner.





B: Ruins


For those who are afraid of narrow spaces: the ruins will let you breathe more freely. Every corner exhales the air of a culture long gone, and all that remained is this formerly glorious, now pittoresquely crumbling architecture.





C: Palace


Gloriously decorated rooms connected by short corridors – that’s what makes the palace special. There are lots of pillars, courtyards with plants and open ceilings, and daylight shines in through tiled windows.



So which dungeon tileset do you prefer? Castle, Ruins or Palace? Please vote here!


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