Your questions and worries about MMX

First of all, we’d like to take the opportunity to say „Thank you“ for your interest, for all your comments, feedback and questions on the blog and the forums. It’s exciting for the whole team to see all the Might & Magic and RPG fans that are reading and commenting all announcements and blog postings about MMX.


We’ve been following and reading them since the official development announcement of MMX and since we’ve started posting on the blog, we’ve also started to answer some of your questions via comments on the blog or the forums, too.


However in the past we’ve introduced ourselves (the different team members) quite a lot and in the future we’ll be focusing more on the actual game! I hope you guys will like that! ;)


While reading through all your comments, we also saw that some of you have expressed their worries about what might go wrong with developing the game. Also, there have been many questions concerning the game design, of course. Here's a first little collection of worries and questions that some of you have and what we have to say about them.


Also, the topics below plus any other concern you might have will be the topic of our first Open Dev Chat, which will be tomorrow, Wednesday 10th, from 6 pm to 7 pm GMT+2 hrs. Find more information on our chat here.



World Map


Some players fear that there might be a generic, repetitive world map, since previews show only green and brown areas.


Julien (Marzhin93): “Although it is true that the story and therefore the environment in which MMX is placed is not a whole world like there was in MM1-5, we'll still have different environments like plains, barren lands, forests, jungles, mountains etc. We’ll just not have so drastic climate changes like an ice field being located near a desert. The peninsula explored in MMX is more "realistic" in that regard.”


Stephan (LE-Stephan): “I believe that there is not such a huge difference when comparing the size of the MMX world map with the one from Clouds of Xeen.”


Thomas (LE-Thomas): “True, the grid size (x*y) of the world from MMX is actually a little larger.”




Overall the different settings within the game are one of the main topics within the blog and forums, like:


  • • Can we deactivate health bars, flying damage numbers etc.?
  • • Can we have the name of buildings shown on the (mini) map or on the buildings?
  • • Will the mini map be dark (not revealing anything) at places I haven’t been to yet?
  • • Can I move faster, when I keep “w” pressed or double press it?
  • • Will there be different difficulty levels?


Health bars


Health bars that hover above enemies' heads can destroy immersion, at least for some gamers. That's why some people hope that in MMX they will be optional.


Marcus (LE-Marcus): “We understand that and although we're focusing on the game play right now, we will try to add as many features of that kind as we can within the time frame.”


Thomas (LE-Thomas): “Yes, i.e. toggling on/off health bars is on our list and depending on time/priorities, it might also make it into the game.”



Speed of movement


Some players have asked for a way to speed up the party's movement, for example by pressing the forward key repeatedly.


Julien (Marzhin93): “Having ways to speed up movement would be a real plus. One idea I suggested was "running" if the player moves forward and there are no obstacles. There are certainly other ways.”


Stephan (LE-Stephan): “Definitely. In our development version of the game, you are actually already able to keep “w” pressed down, which queues your movement forward and which makes you move a little faster already. However true, that there would be additional ways to improve the walking experience even further.”


Anna (LE-Larissa): “I’ll talk about that with Thomas (LE-Thomas), let’s see if there is enough time in the schedule to consider these ideas for further improvement.”



Other settings


Julien (Marzhin93) and Marcus (LE-Marcus): We definitely have other settings in mind, too: To have a way for players to see the name of a building before walking in it, for example. However not everything / all settings are 100% defined yet as we are currently still focusing on the actual game content.


Maybe the blog readers can let us know what they’d like. Let’s also chat about it on IRC tomorrow!



Are towns safe?


Someone has asked whether towns will be hostile by default and you have to solve a quest first before they become safe havens.


Julien (Marzhin93): “It depends on the town. Generally speaking, towns are safer in MMX than they were in MM1-5, however that doesn't mean they are completely safe either. But I don’t want to spoil too much about that already as it is part of the story. And it’s no fun to explore if you already know everything upfront, is it? ;)”



Contextually animated interface


In former M&M games, the user interface had little animation that gave hints on what was going on around your party – whether monsters were near, or you approached a secret door or a trap, or when you levitated. Some people were concerned that such animations might be missing in MMX.


Marcus (LE-Marcus): “Many of the animated interface features you remember from back then are still there, even though we changed their look and feel.”


Stephan (LE-Stephan): “We focused on the UI animations, we found most important, like the danger sense, the threat meter, the portrait expressions etc.”



Challenge and difficulty levels


Some players were concerned that the game might be not challenging enough and hope for different difficulty levels.


Marcus (LE-Marcus): “Yes I am glad to be able to say, that we’re currently planning with two different difficulty levels.”


Stephan (LE-Stephan): “It is our aim for the game to be challenging for players. Besides, as Marcus just mentioned, we’ll have two modes: Adventurer and Warrior mode.”


Illustrated cursor icon


Instead of the generic mouse cursor seen in previews, some people are asking for an illustrated cursor icon that adapts dynamically to the situation in order to indicate what actions you can take. For example, showing a grab hand when there's an item you can pick up.


Karsten (LE-Karsten): “Yes understandable. We do plan to not have the normal windows mouse in the game. It’s not yet implemented in the development version, but as soon as there is time, we plan to change that. ;)”



Challenging End Boss


Some players are afraid that the end boss might be too easy. Quote: „Lord Xeen is such a bad example: Just waiting in his castle to be slain. Alamar/Sheltem at least tries to interact (pleasant dreams...muhhaahha!). So I would really appreciate if the final boss would not only helplessly observe your party getting stronger and stronger, but actually tries to get rid of this threat.“ (Source)

Julien (Marzhin93): “While we obviously don't want to spoil the whole story at this point, our villain is not sitting in his dungeon waiting for the player, but has an agenda of his own.”


Stephan (LE-Stephan): “I think we can also tell that we do plan special mechanics for the bosses.” ;)



Vocal lines for characters


Many people wish for vocal lines, and good ones please, no „all your base are belong to us“. ;)


Marcus (LE-Marcus): “Yes, although not yet implemented in the current development version, vocal lines are definitely planned.”


Stephan (LE-Stephan): “Yeah, the barks are back: “I am no expert, but THIS looks valuable”. ;)"



Undiscovered land is black


While exploring your surroundings, you could see the black grids disappear from the mini map, being replaced with, well, map. That's what it was like in former M&M games. So, players have been asking, how about MMX?


Marcus (LE-Marcus): “Yes, of course! Undiscovered land will be black in MMX, too!”




This is of course only a selection of questions that have been asked and concerns that have been expressed on the official forums and in blog comments. There are many more (like the respawn of enemies, inventory etc.), and we will try to answer them if we can.


So if you want to know more join our chat or write a comment. :)


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