Dungeon Vote #5: Monster Type


Undead, Orcs or Brigands?


The majority of you is obviously more into Non-Elementals than into the Elements (vote results here). You want a dungeon that is populated with Humans, Orcs or Undead, huh? You shall have it. Next step is to pick which type of monsters will dwell in your dungeon.


dungeon vote 5: monster type


So which monster type do you prefer?


    • Option A: Undead.

      Spectres and Skeletons, Ghouls and Zombies. How can you kill that which has no life? Vote for this option if you think your dungeon should be the place to find out.


    • Option B: Orcs.

      Maulers and Dreamwalkers, Goblins and Cyclops. They’re infamous for being rather undiplomatic, so if you vote for this option, make sure your party keeps their swords sharp and arrows notched.


    • Option C: Brigands.

      Rogues and Brigands, Mercenaries and, of course, Renegade Mages. They’re human, but that doesn’t mean they’re humanitarian. Not at all. So be aware if you pick this option.


And this is what you have already decided for your dungeon:


  • • The dungeon is being created from scratch
  • • It will have a ruins tileset
  • • It will have a balanced gameplay (balanced between combat and riddles)
  • • The general theme is Non-Elemental



Reminder: this vote is only related to one special dungeon of the game, not the game as a whole. There are more than twenty other dungeons waiting for you in Might & Magic X – Legacy :)



So which monster type do you choose for your dungeon? Please vote here.




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