Best of Dev Chat


One hour of hardcore question-and-answering


Hello everyone,


last Wednesday we had our first Dev Chat. We chatted for one hour, and there were about 30 people participating (team members not included). Thanks to all who were there and discussed with Stephan (aka LE-Stephan, CEO of Limbic Entertainment), Julien (aka Marzhin93, Creative Designer) and Marcus (aka LE-Marcus, Game Designer).


Ah, and sorry to all who googled for IRC and found this video and were disappointed that our IRC didn't look as fancy as it does there. ;)


However, there have been 66 questions asked in the chat within an hour, which means you really kept us busy. Zappater posted a full chatlog as well as an edited Q&A version here on rpgcodex (thanks!) 


But if that's tl;dr for you, here's a collection of questions and answers from the chat:


 Question 1


Question 2


Of course someone asked for the release date ...


Question 3


... and for sci-fi:


Question 4


Also among the top ten of our frequently asked questions: 




So if we're not working on Arcomage, then what the heck are we doing all the time?


Stage of production


I should maybe stop feeling adressed when someone says "Lore" in an RPG context ;)







mindx2 obviously never got to know my Grandma ;)




I accidentally into a super-overpowered monster!


superpowered mobs!



day and night


"wouf, wouf"


party barks



optional help


Will there be cake?




Who wouldn't want to know that? And if Marcus knew it all along, why didn't he tell anyone?


what happens after death


Oh the joy of kicking enemies into spikes!




And here we lost a customer. Oops.


no spikes no buy






game structure


Yo dawg, I herd u liek mules ... and this is when I decided that I simply can't buy this game!!111


mule breeding


It was so much fun talking to you in the chat (or, in my case, lurking in the chat), and we're really looking forward to the next one - day and time will be announced here on the blog. See you!