The Freemage

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As we saw some discussions about the Freemage on the forums, we thought it’s about time to present you some more detailed info.

Also, there will be "Part 2 of the character classes & races" with more info and details about the character development in general (including the trainers) on the blog this week!

Stay tuned!

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The Freemage



(Stats and details may still change until final release. Attributes are according to the Freemage in the “Default Party”. If you create your own party individually, you are able to change these stats as you like.)


“The Freemage is the master of air magic but has the greatest flexibility to switch to another school. Her life time can be pretty short if she gets in the focus of attacks. Magical foci are her hobby.”


The Freemage’s business is magic of any kind. She has no clue about weapons, but she knows how to cast a mighty fireball or a devastating thunderstorm. In fact, she can become quite excellent with Fire and Air. But basically she is familiar with all schools of magic. The Freemage uses artifacts in order to channel the magic forces and enhance her magic dimensions.

She shouldn’t get involved too much in melee fights; else her end might come soon.



Race specialty

As you may have noticed in the above picture, the race specialty of the Humans has changed since our first blog posting about the character classes and races. Besides their Light Resistance specialty, the Humans now have more starting skills!


Freemage combat


Skill tiers

When the Freemage has the appropriate level, she needs to look for the right trainer in order to reach Expert, Master or Grand Master.


spell book


If she has enough money to pay the trainer, she can choose to become Expert, Master or Grand Master (according to her level) in the following:



(Dark orange marked fields and red written “GM” (Grand Master) are the start skills.)



The Archmage

The Advanced Class of the Freemage

As already written in our previous Part 1: Character classes and races posting, the advanced classes give you access to the Grand Master tiers and improve the character with additional attribute points and additional resistances.

In addition each character gets a special ability depending on its class:

The Archmage receives the spell “Time Stop”:

The Freemage freezes time outside a sphere created around the party for some turns or until the party exits the sphere. The enemies outside can't be attacked, nor attack or move.



The Freemage forums discussions


Who wants to make use of dark magic during combat, may not want to miss the Freemage in his/her group, as the Freemage is the only one, who is able to learn Dark Magic (and by the way also the only one that can learn ALL schools of magic).

The male version

Have you seen the male version of the Freemage, yet?


male freemage male freemage 2



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