Limbic Entertainment Studio Tour – English subtitles

Hi all,


When reading through the different communities talking about Might & Magic X Legacy, we noticed that the German video of the studio tour from PC games / computec media was linked within other language speaking forums. Some of you guys even started translating some facts for your mates (thanks for that!).


However, some of the translation may have led to a few misunderstandings. ;) Therefore, we put some subtitles in English on the video, so all of you can watch it and understand the bottom line of what has been said.


As we saw that there were some speculations about the trainers, we’ll post some detailed info about character development and the trainers very soon on the blog, too!


If you have any questions or feedback, just leave us a comment! Also, if you think that we're not reading your own fan community enough, just leave us a hint with a link to your fan site.


Have fun! :)