How to build a dragon


Hello cake-fiends,


Anna has activated her secret network of spies, and someone who calls himself "Thomwor Pandaren Monk" has sent her a scroll that documents how to build a dragon. A dragon cake, to be precise. The exact kind that we found in our kitchen a couple of days ago. Here goes:


dragon cake




In order to make a dragon cake, you need several components. A sponge cake as basis, a ganache and some fudge are among them. Putting everything together can be tricky, therefore we watched three videos from "Sallys Tortenwelt", a German youtube channel for people who like fancy cakes. The tutorial videos are in German, though, so for those who don't understand German, here's an English dragon cake video and here's a general 3D cake howto in English.


What we did:


First, you need a basic cake. In this case we made a lemon cake based on this tutorial (German).

Next, we made a ganache, a rich cream which builds a layer between the cake and the fudge. This prevents the fudge to slip off the cake, and generally makes it easier to assemble the dragon.

How to make a ganache (German)


Then we assembled the dragon. My advice is to cover the extremities in fudge seperately before attaching them to the corpus. It is hardly possible to cover a dragon in fudge after it has been assembled! We used Callebaut icing as fudge, because it is really easy to work with.

How to put on the fudge (German)


Colouring the dragon is a little tricky. We tried powdered food colours.


One last word: you better take a day off if you want to make a cake like this. Don't underestimate the time it takes. The dragon was our first 3D cake, we were two people and it took us 7,5 hours just to assemble, shape and decorate the dragon. So if you're a novice baker, maybe you'd like to start with a normal cake like Sally's lemon cake before making a 3D-cake. So delicious and moist. Have fun!