Your recent questions - our answers

Hi all,


Thank you very much for all your feedback and comments on our recent blog postings! There have been quite some questions, too and today I’d like to present you some answers to them! :)


Please leave a comment, may I have missed yours!



“When you lvl up does your maximum HP/MP increase?”


Yes, indeed it is planned that your maximum Health Points and your Mana Points increase, when you level up. This is one of the features our technical team is currently working on. :)


“To atributes (at) - I think it would help, if there was pop-up bubble that appears when you point cursor at at, explaining what that at does.”


“Other then that I hope that on the point allocation we can scroll over each of the attributes and it will inform us about what skills they will help.”


Yes you two are absolutely right and this is also why you will be able to mouse over all skills/spells and attributes in order to see more details via tool tip.






“Questions, is it possible to increase your skills even after reaching grandmaster ? And is it more expensive, like in old mm, to increase skills at higher level?”


“I'd like to have the "higher skill =more skill points cost" system from MM6+. Could you give us the MM6+ Sytem back? :D”


As far as I know and as far as I can oversee the current production schedule, this has not been planned.




“That seems nice to me, although i really hope that you plan to add some non-combat skills like other MM (identify, bodybuilding, merchant etc.).”


As already mentioned as a comment within “The Freemage” blog posting: There are some earlier (social/miscellaneous) skills that we won't have in MMX. However there might be the one or the other available in a different form. I.e. we'll have a Negotiator as Hireling (instead of the merchant skill).




“I also miss the old "softskills" like disarm trap, identify item, perception, identify monster, alchemy. To be honest I am afraid this game will lose something which was very important for me in the old M&M Games: complexity.”


I understand that. However you might be pleasantly surprised, that you might find several of the old mechanics in a similar form but in a different way within MMX. This Open Dev Blog is still quite “new” and in the beginning we started introducing the project and the team etc. and only recently we started describing some of the game play mechanics. So there are still a lot more game mechanics and rules that we’ll reveal on the blog more in detail! As I just mentioned in my previous answer, there will still be a possibility to earn more gold even if there is no merchant skill (i.e. with the Negotiator as a hireling) and you will still be able to disarm traps (which will be depending on your attributes in might, magic and perception), just to mention a few.


Besides the skills, there will be spells, there will be Hirelings, and there will be blessings, artifacts etc. pp. Stay tuned for more info to follow on the blog soon! :)




“Can we find spell parchment in dungeons or only in arcane libraries?”


Actually, this is currently one of the discussion points within the team. However right now it looks like we’ll keep all spells in the Arcane libraries for the adventurous parties to buy.




“The last screenshot with Aladin the trainer looks like you do not plan trainers who only train one certain skill?”


Sorry if that screenshot was confusing you guys. We do plan trainers who only train one certain skill, of course. How many skills and what skills the trainer will be able to teach you, differs from trainer to trainer. So some will be able to teach you more than one skill and others will only be able to teach you one.





“Do you guys (Limbic devs) think paper dolls can be added in a MMX patch, or FREE DLC after its initial release?”


To be honest, a possible DLC and possible content therein has not yet been planned and will depend on your guys’ feedback!

However as some other users already mentioned, it’s quite some effort to implement paper dolls – just think of all the art that would need to be produced, for the characters themselves and for each and every equipment part (besides the technical mechanic implementation). So in the end I could imagine that priorities (time/budget) will also be taken into account, when looking at your guys feedback and that gameplay mechanics and game content will also play a big role, in comparison to paper dolls.




“The second topic with the Racial abilities got me thinking, will we be able to find equipment with special racial boosts?”


As far as I know and as far as I can oversee the current production schedule, this has not been planned.




“Will we be seeing promotions similar to might and magic 9 within the classes ?


We will have promotions as shown within “The Freemage” blog posting. So one specific promotion per class.




“Will there be Barrels and/or Wells that one can use to increase… whatever?”


Yes, this is one of the questions, that was asked within the forums, too.

As it was already mentioned by the devs:
To be honest, all I can say is that the team is currently in discussion about all these objects and functions. Just the other day they discussed shrines for temporarily bonuses as an example. I also know that there are currently discussions about a building (church / chapel etc.), where you have an option to donate gold in order to receive full health/mana for example.

Afaik the detailed definition what objects we’ll have and their functions are not yet 100% defined. As soon as they are, we’ll be happy to post some news about them on the blog!




“if we don't get paper dolls, then how about as each hero advances to the next class (Freemage to Archmage) their image changes, clothes wise. The Archmage would then have a long robe, a more ornate staff, the magic in her hand is more powerful looking or she has a magic aura around her, something to show that she is more than what she used to be. [..]

@Soul_Crystal: I must say, I really like your idea. A changing image for your race / class when you advance in your primary skills (as weapons or armor as a fighter, just for example) : Starting with a poorly equipped image of your partymember which gets better when trained to expert and looking gloriously equipped when the member finally advanced to grandmaster. This would increase immersion and binding to your character and even be a compromise for those wanting back the 3d "paperdolls".”

Thank you very much for this idea! It has been forwarded to the team, but because of budget constraints, I cannot promise anything, sorry!




“I wonder if we can only walk on flat terrain or if the grid-movement also expands on mountains?”


In general MMX will have different environments: plains, barren lands, forests, jungles, mountains… Just not drastic climate changes like an ice field being located near a desert. The peninsula explored in MMXL is more "realistic" in that regard.

So besides “normal flat terrain”, the grid-movement will expand to some hills, plateaus and flat water at least. In order to climb some hills/mountains, you might however need the respective blessing.
More info on blessings will be revealed on the blog soon, of course!




“Why the name "Freemage"? Sorry for the probably stupid question. I am old school, so in my opinion maybe "Mage" or "Wizard" would fit much better.”


What we call “Wizards” in Ashan are specifically Wizards of the Seven Cities. Freemages are Wizards who chose to leave the Seven Cities (on purpose or because they were exiled) and relocate in the Free Cities.




“The question is: Why Chosen of Elrath? Humans comes from different locations. Lorewise, Chosen of Elrath would be fine if the Freemage came from the Holy Empire but then he would follow Elrath and shun Dark Magic. From what I gathered, the Freemage seems free spirited and dabble in all kind of magic so he would rather come from the Silver Cities or the Free Cities... Elrath has no place in these but Ylath, the traditional great dragon of humans, yes. So why not Chosen of Ylath for him Instead ?”


It was originally more a gameplay choice, but what you wrote us got us thinking again: We’ll change the racial ability to Ylath as there are more hostile sources of Air magic than Light magic: Light elementals and maybe the rogue wizards being the only enemies capable of casting Light magic.




“What about releasing on GOG?”


We’ll definitely start releasing on Uplay and on Steam. If and where else the game might be released, is not yet defined / I am not able to tell right now. ;)




“I really liked chests in MM6 : beautiful golden chests for epic loots, and ugly chests for newbies loots ... This system disapeared in MM7, where we only had some ugly wooden chests and boxes, even for epic loot ... Hope the mm6 system will be back for mmX ! “


Yes, we will have different kind of loot / treasure chests, of course! He are some early models:





“And don't forget to trap them !”


“I think they already forgot ... No disarm trap skill in skill list .... in fact, there will only be combat skills, i i think it is toooooo bad ='(“

Of course we’ll also have treasure chests that are connected to a trap, which you need to disarm first, before being able to loot the chest. ;)