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The last few days a lot of new comments, remarks and questions have reached us, that's great! So first of all: Thanks so much for your interest and for sharing your thoughts on the articles - it's much appreciated!


As there were quite a few, we'd like to give you feedback on, please find below some of your comments and questions and our feedback to them.


Please let me know, if I missed any or if you have any other open thoughts/questions!




“You first choose your race and then class. But where is gender in the scheme? Or is it the very first choice?”


“There is a 'customization' tab in character creation window, in which - I believe - one can choose the gender and the look of a given hero.”


Correct. :)


This is the order when you start the game:


1. Choose the game mode difficulty (adventurer or warrior)


Game Mode

2. Choose between a manual party OR a default party OR a random party creation
3. If you chose a manual party creation, you start choosing the race
4. Then the class
5. Then the details like gender, portrait and voice (cynical or heroic)



6. Skills
7. Attributes



“I believe I missed something, but is it correct that not every class can reach grandmaster level in every skill?”


Yes that’s correct. So you might want to choose wisely, which party members you want to take with you on your adventurous trip. ;)



“What i liked in Might&Magic and HoMM series is huge creature variety (50+ for certain). Can you tell us approximately how many do you plan in this sequel 10,50,100:)?”


I think it is safe to say, that we’ll have about 50+ creatures in MMX, too!



“And will it include some epic ones from the past sequels like Titans , Minotaurs, Behemoths, Unicorns, Dendroids etc., or creatures from M&M Heroes 6 only?”


“Behemoths would be awesome. Don't know why they where left out from the Heroes franchise sice Heroes 4. Also Thunderbirds, Phoenix, Dragons, Gargoyles, Gryffins etc. Would be nice in mm10.”


Besides the fact that all the last M&M games have taken place in Ashan, enemies and creatures in general that you might meet in MMX will not only be consistent with the world of Ashan but also depend on the specific story of Might & Magic X, too.


So all I can say for now is that while MMX indeed reuses creatures from Heroes VI, there will also be creatures that were not in that game.



“One BIG question I have is just what is the significance of Sheltem himself speaking in the trailer. Honestly, if HE was returning as the villain, that alone would be worth playing the game.”


Well, as you probably know all too well, Sheltem is dead, having been destroyed for good thanks to Corak's sacrifice at the end of Darkside of Xeen.


That said, fans of the old Might & Magic games should definitely keep their eyes open as they explore the world of MMX... :)



“Will skillpoints be rare and tied only to level ups ?”


Yes, they will. ;)



“I dont understand ... Warfare grants extra Mana points ?”


“@LASTJACK I hope it is a typo and they wrote warfare instead of mysticism..."


I can understand that you guys got confused, sorry about that. So here is some more background info on Warfare:


Warfare does give extra mana points - however that’s nothing compared to Mysticism. The reason why Warfare gives extra mana points is that the might classes will need some mana in order to use the warfare abilities, which are defined as follows:



 (% numbers are still subject to change according to final balancing)


“I was hoping for some kind of choice to made between the blessing, but it seems that there are 6 blessings, and we have 6 slots for blessings so in the end, we'll all finish with all of them ... So really, i hope they will be hard to get”


“If anything, I hope these Blessings are NOT related to the main quest; exploring the world should always be encouraged, not artificially restricted by the plot.”


There are three blessings (out of six) you'll need to find sooner or later in order to progress in the game, since they allow you to access new areas of the Agyn Peninsula, however only the first one will be on the story path, the others will require some exploration on your own. 


The other three (out of six) are optional blessings, which will grant you free and permanent danger sense, spot secrets and clairvoyance – in contrast to their time limited spell counterparts or their costly hireling counterparts.



“Wizard eye had one great bonus compared to cartography: It showed all area around you even one you didn’t had mapped yet what was really useful in dungeons"


“Can we have "Wizard's eye" with the same audio sound of "Ah ha!" in a deep scruffy voice in MM6? because that was always hilarious XD if not i do hope we have Wizard's eye, it really comes in handy :D”


Well to be honest, there is no specific blessing like the “Wizard’s eye”. But there is still the possibility for your party to have the enemies revealed on the map. In MMX this is connected to the Danger Sense ability, which you can receive via Spell, Hireling or Blessing. ;)



“The most curious blessing for me is Ylath's. What will it will give?”


As all blessings Ylath’s gives your party 5 additional resistance to the corresponding school of magic. In the case of Ylath, this will be Air. Besides it will act as a “key” that may be required in a quest or to enter a certain place.


Ylath's blessing also allows the party to climb some surfaces, thus allowing them to reach new areas.



“Please consider ROLLING character attributes as an option!”


With the random party creation, the party members themselves are rolled. But currently not the specific character attributes. I’ll pass your feedback on, but I cannot promise anything.