Community Dungeon story is set – dungeon building starts!

Talking about THE community dungeon, you guys are all creating together; we were really thrilled to receive so many great stories from all of you. As you know we picked three of them that are compatible with game mechanics and gameplay and that do not resemble other stories which have already been implemented into the game. Until yesterday, you guys had time to vote for one of them during the last days. 

Today I am happy to tell you the result – you picked:

Enshammon’s proposal: The Sorceress and the Witch

A story of love and betrayal, involving a prince, sorceress, and a witch. The party will find out what became of each of the flawed lovers.

Witch„Legend tells of a prince who was betrothed to a sorceress but instead fell in love with a witch. When the sorceress learned of this, she banished the witch to the royal dungeon and warded the prison with riddles. The prince sent his guards and scholars, but this enraged the witch because he did not dare come himself. She cursed them all to eternal anguish. The adventurers have come to learn the truth of this legend and what became of each of the flawed lovers.”

So all in all, this is what the dungeon you're creating currently looks like:

• It mainly uses the Shantiri Ruins tile set
• The gameplay is balanced between combat and riddles
• The theme is Non-Elemental
• The dungeon is populated by Undead
• The story is about love and betrayal, involving a prince, sorceress, and a witch

But what is still missing? The building of the dungeon level, of course! :)







Build the community dungeon layout


~ Community contest ~


Karsten, our Lead Level Designer, Johannes Level/Content Designer and I prepared a dungeon layout template for you guys in order for you to design your personal proposal for the community dungeon layout, that will enter the shortlist and might be voted by the whole community in order to see it later ingame.

Please note that you need to open the Excel template either in Microsoft office or in Open Office in order to work with it properly.


/edit 06.08.: If you use Open Office and if you have difficutlties differentiating the colors of floor and wall, please feel free to change one of the colors within your Legend and your dungeon layout proposal accordingly. We will then know what you mean. :)




This is how it works:

The layout is built on a square grid, consisting of 26*26 tiles. Each cell can be used to place Shantiri Ruins tiles (indoor or outdoor) as well as objects (creatures, teleporter etc.) – according to the Legend, you can see on the right hand side.


A dungeon should at least consist of:

• Entry & Exit
• Walls & Paths

Within the files you’ll see a picture of each tile set object as reference examples and one summarizing them, which illustrates the size proportions and relations:



There are some other constraints for your dungeon layout proposal, too:

• The dungeon should only consist of max. 2 levels (upstairs and/or downstairs)
• If you happen to place a locked door, don’t forget to place the key somewhere. ;)
• If you happen to place a secret door, please keep in mind, that the player needs "Spot Secrets" (via the according blessing or spell or Hireling) in order for him/her to find it.

• If you place a teleporter, make sure you place a second one

• If you place a bridge, please note that the player can either walk over it OR under it, but not both.


Only dungeons that meet the above criteria will be picked by the level design team for the whole community to vote on (3 will reach the shortlist as usual).

You are also free to write us some notes about the general atmosphere of the dungeon, the lighting, room usage or similar. Also, you are free to send us a link to a mood picture (i.e. especially dark atmosphere), if you want to make your point real clear.

Here is one example dungeon layout made by us:


filled template


 And an example mood picture for it:


Shantiri tile set



Uploading your proposal


Once you’re ready please upload your dungeon design layout and/or mood files and share with us your link within a comment beneath this blog post - until Sunday, 11.08.2013:


Have fun! :)


Reminder: this contest is only related to one special dungeon of the game, not the game as a whole. There are more than twenty other dungeons waiting for you in MMX!