Did you want more portrait expressions?

Since the production announcement of MMX, we’ve been reading through all the different forums talking about MMX. And one of the things, which jumped to our eyes very quickly, was your wish to have portrait expressions.

As posted in June already, this wish was realized by the team.

So after sharing the portrait expressions with you guys in one of our first blog postings on the Open Dev, we were very curious about your feedback, of course.  More than 100 likes and more than 50 comments have reached us on the blog and Facebook, hundreds more on the different forums.  Thank you all so much!! Getting so awesome responses is one of the best motivations! :)

So all in all we saw that you guys were happy, great! However some of you were also voicing, that you want even more portrait expressions. We saw those comments, too! Due to production constraints we couldn’t produce completely new artwork, but after discussing with our partners we came up with an idea to add more visual variety to the ones we already had. We hope you’ll like them :)



Yes you read correctly! Although not completely different, we succeeded to get some more variations!! :)


Let’s have a look at all of them:

Dwarf Portrait 1



(Example Dwarf male)

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do! :)


Character conditions

When talking about the facial expressions of your heroes, let’s also have a look at the different character conditions, we’ll have in the game as we have not decided on all of their visual representations, yet:


(Numbers and Percentages in the above table are WIP and might be changed according to final balancing of the game until release).

As you might see, we still need to find a way to represent “Feebleminded” and “Unconscious”. However it is already clear, that the art team won’t be able to do even more expressions (time/budget reasons), which is why some of the expressions might still share different states or we might find a different way to visualize it. Whichever way, we’ll find a solution. If you have any ideas, let us know!

Again – thank you all for your feedback! Looking forward to read your new comments about your thoughts on this news!

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