The Defender

The past weeks we presented details about: The Freemage, the Ranger and the Barbarian.  Thank you all for your comments and questions! Questions that have not been answered by now, will still be answered during the next days!

Today, we’re happy to present you some more details about the Defender.

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The Defender


Book Defender
(Stats and details may still change until final release. Attributes are according to the Defender in the “Default Party”. If you create your own party individually, you are able to change these stats as you like.)

Dwarf new portraits

(Read more about the new portait expression variants on our new blog post)

“The most defensive fighter is the Defender. He carries plate mail and broad shield and he is very steady and sustains a lot of damage. He is the perfect protector of weak persons.”


Defender Description

Dwarves are sturdy, and the Defender is the best example for that. He can take lots of damage with his heavy armor and huge shield before he falls. The axe is his favorite weapon and he is a capable melee fighter, still his real strength lies in the protection of others.

He barely manages to shoot with a crossbow, and he would never ever touch bow and arrow. He can learn the basics of Fire magic.

Dwarf skills


Race specialty


As already mentioned within the Character classes and races, the trainers and character development as well as the Freemage, the Ranger and the Barbarian posting, the race of a character’s class grants some specials. Being children of Arkath, the Dragon of Fire, Dwarves of Ashan have a natural affinity for Fire Magic. Check out what else they got:

•    <10> fire resistance.
•    <+9> health points per one point in Vitality instead of the default gain.


(% numbers are still subject to change according to final balancing)

Skill tiers

When the Defender has the appropriate level, he/she needs to look for the right trainer in order to reach Expert, Master or Grand Master.

Dwarf combat

If he/she has enough money to pay the trainer, he/she can choose to become Expert, Master or Grand Master (according to the level) in the following:


(Dark orange marked fields and red written “GM” (Grand Master) are the start skills.)



Shield Guard

The Advanced Class of the Defender

As already written in our previous Part 1: Character classes and races posting, the advanced class can be unlocked by a quest or NPC and gives you access to the Grand Master tiers.  The character then benefits from special features of the Advanced Class, i.e. improves the character with additional attribute points and additional resistances.

Besides each character gets a special ability depending on its class:

The Shield Guard receives the passive ability “Shield Wall”:

The Shield Guard receives an additional block attempt for every unsuccessful block.


Why would you want the Defender in your party?

The Defender is the best “Tank” in the game. So if you want a hero that can protect other party members, you may not want to miss the Defender in your party.


The female version


Have you seen the female version of the Defender, yet?

Dwarf Female 1 Dwarf Female 2

(Please note that all info provided within this blog post and seen on the screens are still subject to change until final release of the game.)