You asked us recently - and the answers

Hi all,


Thanks so much for all your comments, feedback and questions during the last days! They are very much appreciated! :)


As there have been quite a lot of them, we summed them up for you guys again. Lore, Karsten, Julien, Stephan, Thomas and Carolin (one of our programmers), helped me to answer them for you.

Please let me know, if I have missed your question or if you have any other remarks or feedback for us.


Thanks and have fun!




“I do hope that at least the unique monster passives make a transition to the game in some shape or form. Griffins diving in from afar, succubi reflecting damage and cyclopses receiving it only after they get a swing at you first would really spice up the combat and make it much more strategic. Has this been mentioned anywhere? (HEY LIMBIC FOLKS, we know you're reading this! Please answer this question in one of your upcoming updates.) ”

Ok so you guys are interested in the monster abilities – I see. No problem, we’ll make a separate blog post about them soon and share with you some details, like that some enemies do have the ability “reflecting damage”. ;)


“When will we get an MMX gameplay video?

Sooner than you might think. Stay tuned! ;-)


“Unfortunately I am an arachnophobia and each time I see a spider it gives me the chills and I feel like assuming the position of a fetus and shivering. So is it possible to not have spiders in MMX? ”

I am sorry to read that. In general I can say, that spiders are part of the Ashan universe, so they will generally appear in MMX, too. In the current dev version there is no option to replace or remove spiders. However we are currently in discussion to have an option like that for final release.

“I'd like to know if we have the honor to get Chinese version for MMX legacy like MM6? ”

Yes, we do plan to have a Chinese localization for the final release of MMX.

“Is it possible to play with only 1 or 2 players instead of a full party? ”

This is not yet planned, sorry.

“Would these smaller party then gain more experience? (assuming the experience is always divided by the amount of players)


See above. ;)

“And is it possible to have an e.g. all-Warrior-party (all from same race and class and portrait)? ”

Yes that is possible. You can create your party with all possible combinations, even four heroes of the same race and/or class.


4 Defenders


“I hope those skills will have some restrictions… like this freemage on screenshot having light and dark magic at the same time? what is that… a dark mage serving lord of light? or dwarf defender using fire magic? ”

In Ashan, Wizards are atheists and have no issue learning Light and Dark magic. Being Humans, Freemages have a natural affinity for Air Magic.

Being children of Arkath, the Dragon of Fire, Dwarves of Ashan have a natural affinity for Fire Magic, while Elves have an affinity for Earth Magic.

Only some of the Orc classes have absolutely no access to Magic.


“How will the disarm mechanic work? ”

If you attempt to interact with a trap you will be asked to select the one who should try to disarm it. The individual text gives away the character attribute which will be used to determine success or fail. More info about traps will be revealed on the blog - stay tuned! ;)



“As MMX is going to be a focus back to the older M&M rather then MM6 onwards,
I was wondering if the devs can bring back the 5 primeval forces that were introduced in MM3: Cosmonium, Esoterica, Gaiam, Bellum, Lurkane”


As all recent Might & Magic games by Ubisoft, MMX will take place in Ashan. Those 5 primeval forces are not part of the universe, sorry.


“How do you manage it if someone has multiple conditions e.g. Poisoned + Cursed etc.?”

Only one condition will be shown as portrait, depending on its priority. To check priorities, please have a look at our blog posting from last week, in which the character conditions and the according priorities are listed.

“If a character regains consciousness, will all previous character negative conditions be healed or will they continue existing (until healed by spell, potion or temple) like it was in MM6-8?”

Within the current dev build, ressurect removes death and puts the HP to 1. However it was also suggested, that other conditions will be removed too (so still in discussion and WIP right now).

Besides there is "cure", which removes some conditions like poisoned, weak etc. (bout not unconscious or death). Hope that helps as an answer for a start ;)


“When dead, the party member can be resurrected, right?” (Afaik there’s a spell and a Hireling that can do it, are there more options?)

Yes, that’s correct. There is a spell, hireling and NPC service for that.


“Will portraits be animated while they speak too?”


No, sorry.


“Will there be behemoths?”

While the Behemoths do exist in some remote areas of Ashan, and they might appear in a future game, they are not found in the region where Might & Magic X Legacy takes place.


“Does the “all attack at range” button still as option exist? I know you changed that gameplay aspect, but it would be good for the game if it was still OPTIONAL (drag’n’drop to the skillbar 1-10). Because I love the fast gameplay (especially for a turn based game) of MM3-5. An OPTIONAL “all attack at range OR melee” button would be best :)”


No, that kind of button is not planned, sorry. However we do not think that this will be an issue at all, as you can “spam” range attacks quite easily with your party members (one after the other). You’ll see for yourself soon. ;)


“I would like to know if there is a Necromancer (Advanced Class: Lich) character, and if not, why not, since the necromancers have been a favorite faction of M&M & Heroes.”


While you might meet a couple of characters affiliated with House Eterna and the Spider Cult in Might & Magic X Legacy, the Necromancer order has no real presence in the Peninsula. So getting Necromancer, Lich or Vampire PCs did not really seem to fit, which is why we decided to leave them out for now.


“Is there any sort of jewel or icon that will change colors depending on our vicinity to monsters? (Green for no monsters, yellow for nearby monsters, red for monsters adjacent to party (I guess there is, but only on/off, correct?) ”

The sphere at the top of the main UI is a danger indicator. It has three states. The first one is inactive. The second state if monsters are near (yellow) if you have the danger sense ability. The third state is red and shows that you have aggro from monsters.


“In Dungeons, will they be long enough that you will have to run out and heal (or buy the supplies so you can rest in the dungeon) or will the dungeons be short enough that you should be able to run through without needing to go back to the surface for anything?”

That depends on the dungeon. Some are designed as little caves for example in which you can get some treasures. But there are also big dungeons with multiple levels in which you need to re-supply.


“What about monsters’ respawn? Do they respawn at all? Is it time related (like MM6-8)? Is tied to some kind of hive you have to destroy?” (Yes they do, it can be time related, but I don’t know about the hive, can you tell me?)


Yes, there will be respawn in MMX. The exact mechanic details are currently still in discussion.


“When a class has / in a skill like bow/sword does that mean he can’t use bow/sword at ALL or that he can equip them but be bad at it?”

That means that they cannot learn the skill and therefore they cannot use those weapons at all. ;)


“From the screenshots in your blog entry, I see that you have chosen to integrate the combat log on the main viewport (floating on the upper left corner). Although it is somehow semi-transparent, this could cover part of the animations and objects appearing on this main viewport. Have you thought to integrate this combat log, on the bottom panel. There is plenty of unused space available there, I think?”

You can minimize both the text boxes so they are not blocking your view on the viewport. The space above the party HUD is used for loot and quest related feedback.




"I was curious how many different save games can we have ? I guess to clarify the question can we have a adventurer and warrior game on one machine? So if you have a stress full day at the office and you just want to have an easier run at the game you can load up you adventurer game, or on the other hand you got the weekend and your red bull and want to get down to business with your warrior game ? as in running the two mode at different times on one machine. Wow dragged that question out sorry. "

There is no limit set from us in regards to the save games. So yes you could have different save games with different game modes (difficulty).




"But I see only unconscious and injured (and not injured unconscious as sleeping). What about scary, and madness? Or about this "Ooops, Im sorry" when character failed to disarm trap. Will they look around when I roaming outside or screaming if we falling? In other words, will portraits be alive or just static ones just to demonstrate character's status? "

Check out our new posting about the character portraits.

In regards to the barks: Yes, barks will be back. ;) However portraits won't be animated, when speaking.