Dungeon Layout Contest - The semifinals

Hey everyone,


Finally, the semi-finals for the dungeon layout contest have started! Our team has discussed all your contributions thoroughly, and it was really hard for us to pick the nine finalists you can see below.


All of you who participated have put so much effort in this, and you had such great ideas! So again, thank you to all who put their time and energy in this. You did all very well, and it’s great to work on a game that has such dedicated fans. :)


Some of you have been really motivated and even sent us detailed story and dialogs for the dungeons. While we'll try to stay as close as possible to your idea and vision, please keep in mind we'll certainly have to rewrite and adapt your texts so they fit the general tone, style and setting of Might & Magic X - Legacy. That said, kudos for your enthusiasm :)


To cut a long story short, below you can see the semi-finalists. We need your help now, picking the three you think are the best. That means, you have up to three votes, but if you think only one of the contributions is worthy, feel free to name only one (or two, if you think two are good).


Some contributors have published notes together with their dungeon layouts, they're linked beneath the respective pictures. By the way, this vote looks a little different from the others here on the blog because we wanted you to be able to pick three out of nine. For technical reasons, this wouldn’t be possible at the moment with our normal vote system.



Big apologies to you, Comptonclayton, for forgetting to post your second level! Everyone else please check his contribution again, it's twice as big as it seemed in the first place. My bad!

Also, what I sloppily described as "swimming pool" in Stormhelico's contribution is in fact an underground lake. Sorry, Stormhelico, I didn't mean to mislead anyone.


Another issue is that some of the notes can't be viewed completely in the screenshots. Some of you posted theirs already in the comments, thank you for that! Here you can see a complete compilation of all the notes from the nine semifinalists.



The vote will end next Sunday at 23:59 GMT +2. The three winners will compete in the finals, which will start on Monday.



1. Askebar






Caracol777s contribution consists of two levels: surface and underground. In order to reach the underground level, the party has to walk through the upper level first. And there’s a little river running through the dungeon!



2. Ruins of Enshammon






Comptonclayton’s contribution has lots of traps, monsters and treasures! Edit: And it has a basement, too!



3. Riankar






Franburns has created two levels and a lot of background story and even written some dialogs. (You can see them here and here if you like.)



4. Royal Labyrinth






Shukfirs dungeon layout features a huge labyrinth that has two levels. Nifty! (And here are his notes.)



5. Frozen & Shade







Piotrrnext has planned lots of switches, teleports, riddles … yay! (Here's some additional info.)



6. Crow’s Fortress






Sandro’s contribution consists of an entry decorated as a mountaineaous region populated by crows, and presents us a dungeon filled with surprises. Want to know more? Here are his notes.



7. Tomb of Mad Love




Archwarlock’s Tomb of Mad Love fits the dungeon’s story perfectly!



8. Ruins of Ukhaju






StormHelico’s contribution consists of two levels and features a nice spacious swimming pool in the basement.



9. Unnamed Dungeon




Forgottenlor’s dungeon has a large array of switches and lots of traps. This could get interesting!



So, which one do you like best? Please let us know in the comments. For the minimalists among us: just write down the dungeon number. However, if you like to elaborate on your decision, please feel free do so. And remember: you can pick up to three dungeon layouts!


(Reminder: this contest is only related to one special dungeon within the game, not the game as a whole. There are more than twenty other dungeons waiting for you in MMX!)


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