MMX fan day at gamescom

Dear blog readers,



As announced on the blog before, gamescom is getting closer and MMX will be represented there!

We are all really excited now as we are going to meet some of you for the exclusive FAN DAY (Wednesday, 21st), for example:


representatives of RPG Codex, RPG watch, Celestial Heavens, Might & Magic World, Acidcave as well as some members from Heroes online, and Duel of Champions. Last but not least, we should not forget to mention our winner from the Open Dev Contest: Dafunkjoker.


Fan day participants will mingle with key speakers, play different Might & Magic games, take part in discussions, loot some goodies - and they will be sent out on a special quest. I am sure they’ll tell you soon more about that on their websites, and of course we’ll keep you updated on our blog, too.


Do you want to meet us, too, play Might & Magic and win T-Shirts or one of the magical floppy discs? Visit us at our booth between August 21st and 25th!




Check the mockup of the Might & Magic booth below – doesn’t that look awesome?


the M&M booth at gamescom


DISCLAIMER: it’s just a mockup and won’t be exactly like this, i.e. we’ll feature different images.


booth blueprint


So see you at gamescom! And for all of you who won't be able to go to Cologne next week, there will soon be other opportunities to talk to the devs!



Your MMX team