Spells and Scrolls

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Today we’d like to tell you a little bit about spells and how they work in MMX. So put on your robes and wizard hats!


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Global rules for spells in MMX


Most spells in MMX are magic effects. Each magic effect can be very different from the others, but there are some global rules that apply to all of them:


  • Every single target of a magic effect has a chance to resist the whole magic effect depending on its magic resistance of the according magic school. A resisted magic effect will be ignored completely.
  • If the target of a magic effect didn’t resist a magic effect, the damage of a magic effect is reduced individually for each target depending on its resistances of the according magic school.
  • Some aspects of magic effects cannot be resisted (for example heals or buffs).



If you're looking for some magic stuff, Johara's is the place to go.


There's a variety of spells for each of the magic schools, and for all four tiers. For example, a tier 1 fire spell would be the Fire Bolt, which deals a certain amount of damage to one monster within a certain range. Tier 2 brings you the Fireball (more targets), tier 3 the Fire Blast (several targets in a row) and tier 4 the Fire Burst (deals damage to all monsters adjacent to your party).

Of course there are many more spells of different types, and not all of them require your character to have reached a certain tier of a magic school. Some spells can be casted on enemies, others on friendly targets. However, the members of your party are not the only ones who are able to cast spells. Monsters can do that as well ...



Spell targets


There are different rules for different spells concerning the target of the spells. This is how they work:


spell targeting






Some spells are Buffs. Buffs can for example grant resistance to the different schools of magic, increase attributes such as Might, Magic, Perception et cetera, illuminate the environment around your party, give them the ability to spot secrets, and so on.

The party can have each buff only once. The strength and duration of buffs depends on the caster's magic attributes. A buff's duration can either be defined by turns or by time.

There are also Monster Debuffs. By debuffing them, you can for example immobilize them, poison them (gives damage and decreases their ability to evade) or make them fall asleep during combat.



In the Arcane Library you can buy spells for your characters.



Scrolls, Magical Foci, and Potions


Your characters can buy spells when they have learned the corresponding magic skills, but it's also possible to cast spells by reading a scroll. Each scroll contains exactly one spell. You can put it in the party inventory and it can be used by any of your characters. No skill is required to cast a spell with a scroll, and casting a spell by using a scroll costs no mana.

The downside: when a character uses the scroll, it's gone afterwards.

Scrolls can't be equipped, but you can drag them to the action bar in order to create the corresponding casting action.

You can increase the crit damage for spells by letting your characters wield magical foci. There are two types of foci: Orbs (one-handed) and Staffs (two-handed). However, in order to equip them, your character needs the corresponding skill.

Potions come in three flavors: health, mana and elixir. While health and mana potions refill a certain amount of health respectively mana points, elixirs can have different unique but simple effects when consumed. For example, they can heal certain conditions or increase resistances or attributes.



Orbs, Scrolls, Potions and other magical things can be bought from Johara.



Okay, that’s it for now, but you can leave your wizard hat on if you like. We’ll be back soon with more info on MMX!



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