Dungeon Layout Contest: The finalists

Dear Dungeon Layout Contest participants, hi all,


Thanks again for being so creative and for sending in all these great dungeon layout proposals for the special community dungeon! All of them were really great and the devs were relieved that they did not have to choose: Only three dungeon layout proposals were going to make it into the finals!


The whole community had time to vote until yesterday and we received a lot of opinions. So thanks to all of you for submitting these as well!


Today the finals are starting based on your votes.


These are the three finalists:


A) Riakanar by FranBurns

B) Frozen & Shade by Pita/ Piotrrnext

C) Crow’s Fortress by Sandro




Please find below all details needed for you to choose your favourite!


Until today, the special community dungeon can be described as follows:


- It mainly uses the Shantiri Ruins tile set

- The gameplay is balanced between combat and riddles

- The theme is Non-Elemental

- The dungeon is populated by Undead

- The story is about love and betrayal, involving a prince, sorceress, and a witch


Now you are able to choose the dungeon layout!



A) Riakanar by FranBurns


Riankar Level 1

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Riankar Level 2

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B) Frozen & Shade by Pita/ Piotrrnext


Frozen 1

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Frozen 2

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C) Crow’s Fortress by Sandro


Crow 1

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Crow Lower Level

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So which one is going to be YOUR favourite?


Made your pick? Then vote here or click the button:


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Or visit us at our booth at gamescom this Wednesday, August, the 21st.


**The contest on the open dev blog ends on Sunday 00:00 GMT+2, August 25th.**

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