Play MMX Early Access now!

Play MMX Early Access NOW !

MMX is now available on UplaySteam and Бука 


Dear MMX fans,


The Early Access of Might and Magic X – Legacy is available now!


Play Now


From now on, you can play the Early Access version available on Бука, Uplay and Steam. We are aware, that there are currently issues with Uplay, which should hopefully be solved soon (teams are working on it!).

Please note again, that the box edition of Might & Magic X – Legacy is exclusive to Uplay. (To our Russian fans: Please note that this is different for you - you'll get the box edition via Бука only, thanks!)


Through this early version of the game we will give you the opportunity to start your great journey in the peninsula of Agyn. You will be able to complete the game’s first Act (out of four) and to test four classes (out of twelve) so that you can get a first impression of what MMX looks and feels like.


We hope you use this exclusive hands-on experience in the universe of Might & Magic X – Legacy to take part in the game development process, sharing with developers your own feedback, expectations and ideas.


Actually, “Early Access” means the game is "work in progress", contains bugs and does not represent the final game’s quality. We are still developing and as a consequence we really need you to post and comment on our dedicated forums to make your opinion matter. Although we simply can’t fulfill all of your wishes, we always consider your input thoroughly and work hard to deliver you the best classic Might & Magic game you dream of!


To get more info on the Early Access version and how to give feedback, check out our posting from yesterday. If you encounter any issues, please check out our troubleshooting guide or post to our bug report forums.


You’re great. Keep up the good work!


Your MMX team




Some impressions of the devs celebrating the Early Access


The last days and weeks of our dev team were quite exhausting for everyone. All of us did our best to get green lights from various departments for the Early Access version release (i.e. general QC, a department in charge of the installer process, the networking team, the compatibility team etc.). So we worked hard to fix major bugs (esp. blocker/crashes), ajdust the overall game balance and to split biggest issues into little improvements we could perform. Beyond the game development, many of us were busy with GamesCom organization, fan day, media appointments and so on. So when we got the greenlight and knew that the Early Access will finally be available, we planned a small party at Limbic Entertainment to celebrate this great event as we know we will collect even more and more precise feedback from our fans to deliver the best game possible.

Of course we are aware that there is still a lot to do, however sometimes a small celebration fuel our motivation, doesn’t it ?! :)


Devs 7

Kutsarit, Markus, Lucas, Achim, Carolin, Angela, Johannes, Monica, Lore, Nils, René, Denis, Karsten, Thomas, Anna, Dennis, Stephan, Marcus, Stefan


Click to enlarge more dev celebration impressions:


Devs 1 Devs 2 Devs 8

Devs 4 Devs 5 Devs 6


Get the Early Access version of MMX now on UplaySteam or Бука