Fan Day impressions

Dear blog readers,


yesterday was so much fun! Thanks to all of you who were at the Fan Day (or who came to the Might & Magic booth on their own) and talked with us about MMX (and other interesting things), played the game and explored gamescom. Here are some first impressions - we hope that we'll be able to present you more soon. If you have taken pictures of the fan day or gamescom yourselves and want to share them, feel free to upload them somewhere and post the link in the comments!

This is what the Might & Magic Booth looks like (it's in hall 6):




Erwan le Breton, Creative Director of Might & Magic, says hello to the fan day participants:


Erwan le Breton says hello


Jitka Dvoráková and Marta Krausová are doing Heroes-VI-cosplay and are checking out MMX at the same time!




Reactions to our special gamescom version of Act I of MMX were pretty good. One of the fan day participants even missed the M&M presentation in order to kill Mamushi, the end boss of the Lighthouse (and he made it)!


And this presentation was not something you wanted to miss. Creative Director Erwan le Breton gave an extensive and entertaining talk on MMX, Heroes Online, and Duel of Champions:


Erwan le Breton


As promised, booth visitors were able to participate in the current dungeon vote on Wednesday. This was our setup - it might look a little old school, but the dungeon layouts got a lot of attention:




All votes were counted except for these two. (Translation: "Hello, my name is Karl, I don't know the solution, but please call me. My number is ...") Karl, we were very happy to receive your message! The thing is, we don't know the solution either ...


karls message


Our dev team representatives tested the setup from time to time - all machines up and running:




So that was fun! Gamescom goes on until Sunday, August 25th, so if you go there, say hello to our team at the Might & Magic booth and play a game or two. Or three. ;)



Your MMX team