First week of Early Access

First week of Early Access

Thank you for supporting us!

Dear MMX Early Access Players,

Thank you so much for your interest in MMX and for buying the Early Access Offer. During the last week, our first week of Early Access, we have received a lot of comments and feedback! First of all, let me give you a huge „THANK YOU“ on behalf of the whole MMX team!  We’ve all been so excited and we appreciate it very much that you guys are supporting us! You might have noticed an “R” infront of your forums thread – which means this thread was read and has been in review.

Now of course we’ve studied all your feedback very intensely and today we’d like to share with you our first results of all MMX Early Access Player Feedback that has reached us. All in all we’ve received more than 100 different suggestions, bug reports and gameplay feedback. While fixing bugs is a matter of course, I’d like to concentrate in this blog post on feedback that you guys might see as “general review feedback” although the one or the other might also include a bug fix. For other urgent bug fixes, please read the bottom.

The top mentioned topics are:

1. Time passing, day/night too fast

2. Map locations + notes wanted

3. Weapon durability needs improvement

4. Shops – Restocking wanted

5. Spells & Mana reg needs balancing

6. Ranger / bow mastery expert useless

7. Attack items disappear – needs to be fixed

8. Player Movement not smooth enough

9. Saving / loading issues

10. Food – Sixpack is too small

11. Enemy Movement – not fast enough

12. No respawn – respawn wanted

13. Ranged attacks – targeting fails

14. Shop handling needs improvement & comparing of items wanted

First feedback to some of the often mentioned topics

Time passing, day/night too fast

We read that most of you find the passing of time too fast. We understood quickly and discussed the following change as a new iteration / test to see how it feels like (below numbers in minutes per tile):

AS IT IS NOW: 15/5/5 (Outdoor, Sorpigal, Dungeon)

NEXT ITERATION: 5/1/2 (Outdoor, Sorpigal, Dungeon)

As a result your party will not become “weak” as fast as in the current  version.  The next iteration will be included within the next patch.

sorpigal dawn sorpigal dusk sorpigal night

Map locations + notes wanted


We read that you guys want to see locations on your map and at best notes to them (or being able to do notes yourselves). And of course we do plan to add locations to the maps, we just have not yet have time to implement it. But we still will, of course. However right now I cannot promise that a new iteration of the map will already be included in the very next patch, as some other features (and especially bugs) have received priority. But sooner or later it will be in. As soon as I know more about the timing, I’ll let you know of course.

(We also still plan to share our map plans on the blog in a separate posting soon).

Weapon  / Armor durability needs improvement


A bug has crept into the Early Access version. Equipment breaks too often. Unfortunately the break chance is applied on every combat action which is not intended.

The intended design is:

•    A weapon break chance if your attack gets blocked by an enemy.
•    A shield break chance if you block a critical attack from an enemy.
•    An armor break chance if you get critical hit.

This should be fixed with the upcoming patch. We’d like to see if this fixes the whole issue, or if we still need to change the chance (currently 10%) of equipment/weapon breaking.  Let´s see how it turns out.

Shops – Restocking wanted


Yes you were correct to complain about shops not restocking. I am happy to tell you, that shops will restock with the next patch! This includes the availability of health and mana potions.

Weaponsmith Shop

Spells & mana regeneration needs balancing


We also saw that a lot of you discussed the balancing of spells and mana costs or mana regeneration. We will need to have a closer look into that. For the upcoming patch we will not make any changes. Please note that due to the item restocking in shops you should be able to stock up on health and mana potions again.


Ranger / bow mastery expert  needs improvements

We also saw that there were several discussions involving the Ranger in general, the damage caused by bows and / or the ranged attack in general (especially not being able to target). We will take a closer look into all feedback during the next days.

Elf Ranger

Attack items disappear – needs to be fixed


In the past when you’ve moved your attack icon in the bottom bar just a little bit, it might have gone lost and you have had to drag it back out of your spell book. With the next patch we will change this in a way, that attack icons at the bottom can only be overwritten by other attack items from the spell book (you will need to drag drop them over the existing icons, to remove existing action icons).

attack bar

Display of enemy statistics


Some of you have complained about not knowing what kind of enemies are out there. We’d like to give you a few hints about that:

When you fight an enemy you are currently seeing their health bars (might still be optional in the future). Depending on the length of the health bar, you can see how much life this enemy has, which also indicates the difficulty. Besides, during a fight you can also see icons below their bars, showing different abilities or buffs. Hovering those with your mouse will give you details.

Icon Enemy

Besides there is a “Bestiary” which you can find in the journal. After defeating a certain type of enemy for the first time, an entry about that enemy will be added to your journal. With each time you defeat that type of enemy more statistics about that type of enemy will be revealed in your journal. So the more often you meet them, the more you learn about them.




Besides, the following mentioned feedback will be addressed with the next patch already:

Unconscious should work differently

Right now the unconscious state is not removed after resting. It was correct of you guys to complain about it. With the next patch unconscious will be removed after resting!

Healing within temple

Some of you complained that your health went down again after leaving the temple. We will change this for the next patch.


Different cursor wanted


We are aware that some of you guys would like to see a different cursor and at best also different states of the cursor; depending on what you want to do (i.e. grabbing). As already mentioned on the forums some time ago, we do plan to implement a different cursor and also different states of the cursor. With the next patch, we will however only have a different look of the cursor (not yet the states, those will still follow).



Besides we will deliver several bug fixes within the next patch, too. Right now the team has already fixed more than 70 bugs (please see an excerpt below).



More may still follow: A detailed patch log will still be posted on the Early Access forums as the time comes.

Please note that your save files might not work after the patch as one of the issues encountered during the Early Access phase regards loading and saving. So we might change something within that process, which might get in conflict with earlier save files.

Thank you for your understanding.

Other feedback

Of course we have also read other feedback about player and enemy movement, respawn, shop and inventory handling, gold and identifying items etc. pp. We are going to discuss all of it and won’t ignore it during the following patches.

Big issues like the black screen some of you have when installing (because of oldish Windows Media Player or certain Codecs or other reasons) and freeze bugs during battle (please press CTR+ALT+R) as well as other blocking issues have highest priority for us anyway.

We hope that you’ll like this first result of your feedback and our team meeting today. Please do not hesitate to share additional feedback with us. If you see an „R“ in front of it, you now know, what it means. ;)

Thank you!