About Unity


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Here are few things you may need to know about Unity.


Unity 4.3 Rollback


As you may know Unity has released the latest version of its software: Unity 4.3. Unity did some great changes to the engine. But these changes are not compatible with the current early access version of the game.


As the release of the game is not far away we will not update the engine anymore. We already did some tests but we run into some issues, especially a performance drop on the Windows’ client build. So we decided against an engine update.


The Dev tool is already working with the Unity 4.2.X versions. Consequently if you are using one of those versions, nothing will change. You will still be able to enjoy all the modding opportunities offered by the dev tool of Might & Magic X – Legacy.





Unity Pro and Unity Free


A lot of people have been asking us the questions “Why did you choose Unity Pro? Why can’t we use Unity Free?”.  We know that you are all curious about the reasons that motivated that choice. The reasons are quite simple: Unity Pro offers features that Unity Free doesn’t. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use Unity Free in order to create mods for Might & Magic X. 


Here are some explanations about the differences between Unity Free and Unity Pro:


-          First of all, it is important to understand that Unity Free and Unity Pro can be used to create mods. We recommended to use Unity Pro as it includes more features (see the licenses comparison from Unity Official Website) to create and polish mods. For instance, Unity Pro allows users:


Even if mods can be created through Unity Free, it is not possible for players to export their content, neither to share it with other players nor to test it themselves. This restriction is due to the file format (called Asset Bundles) used by the game (and provided with Unity 3D). 


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