Answers from the devs

Hey everyone,


When browsing through the forums, sometimes I read things like „do the devs even read this?“, and as mentioned before here on the blog: yes, we definitely do! We read what you write about MMX all over the internet, and although it’s impossible for us to react to each of your comments and questions individually, we gather your feedback and work with it – and we’re thankful for it! Today, our game designer Marcus has answered a couple of questions that some of you have asked. 




Thank you, Marcus!


Cheers from the MMX dev team,





General Gameplay


1. I strongly miss monster respawn in the outdoor areas and monster nests which can be destroyed!


Actually, having a general respawn was never considered an option whereas implementing the nests was something we wanted to integrate into the game for some time. However, we refrained from implementing both out of the same reasons. We don’t want players to farm for XP just because it is possible or because they feel too powerless at the moment. Instead we would like the player to keep trying to best a challenge by adapting their tactics or by exploring the world and go looking for moderate challenges on which they can grow stronger. We want players to explore the world and to provide him/her with a sense of accomplishment by gradually “clearing” the world and its dungeons.





On Agyn Peninsula, you do not destroy monster - monster destroys you!



2. Are there quests that start in Act I, but can’t be finished (yet)? If that’s the case, please let us know, so we don’t chase our tails for nothing!


Yes, for example the “Sword of the Bounty Hunter” quest you receive from Hamato.



3. When leaving the town, there’s an island with a treasure chest on it in plain sight. While this is a neat visual, it suggests that I can get to the island to get the chest, but since I can’t, it’s ultimately disappointing.


The island will become more than just a neat visual during the course of the game. ;)





Sooner or later your party will receive blessings, which will allow them to go to places which seemed to be out of reach.



4. Statistics would be great: how many enemies killed, % of successful hits et cetera.


I think we are planning to implement global statistics, but not for the single player.



5. How about introducing bags that can hold additional items?


If your inventory gets too stuffed, that’s a sign that you might need a pack horse or should part with some redundant or even obsolete items.



look at my horse!


Do you have a tendency to hoard stuff? Need more room? Hire a horse!




Character creation and character development


6. How do I change my character’s name?


When creating a character, go to the “customize” tab, type a new name and press enter (in the current version of the game, it’s really important that you press enter!). Then click on “continue”, and the new name will appear on the character sheet.



7. Why do I have to create my character’s faces, names, voice in a certain order? And can you make it more obvious which skill I have picked already and which I haven’t?


There is no certain order for the customization of name, face and voice. And yes, we are planning to improve the UI in order to make a clearer differentiation between selected and unselected skills.



8. Would it be possible to show the skill caps in the char sheet? (Which skill can this character learn up to Expert, Master, or Grandmaster?)


It’s already there. In the character creation menu, it is indicated by the symbol below each skill icon. If you take a look at the mouse over tool tip of a skill, the reachable rank is shown in green text.



skills at char creation



During the game, you can always check your char sheet in order to see which of your characters has achieved which rank of the different skills. Here, the highest reachable rank (Expert, Master, Grandmaster) is indicated by the length of the skill tier bar. Move the cursor over the dots in order to see what bonuses the respective skill tiers will bring.



skills on char sheet



Bethfall the Elf Ranger can become an Expert in Warfare and Arcane Discipline, a Master of the Sword, Dual Wield, Medium Armor, Air and Earth Magic, and a Grand Master with the Dagger and the Bow as well as in Dodging and Endurance. And that’s only page one of her char sheet. ;) 






9. Why is the resting button in the inventory instead of the interface?


In the options menu, you can swap the directional arrow buttons with your party resources – that interface also provides a resting button. We are planning to make this the default setting in the future.



10. Secret rooms are visible on the minimap. Where’s the secrecy in that?


The mini map is not yet  final, and it is not supposed to indicate undiscovered secrets.



11. I find it somehow annoying and frustrating to try out different doors in the city without knowing which one is actually usable to enter. Additionally, some barrels seem to be just decorative and some lootable. Why not make interactable objects stand out with a discreet color bordering for example? What do you guys think about this?


Doors should already have a highlight when you stand before them, plus they will be indicated as doors on the mini map, too. maybe we can implement a game option that enables permanent highlighting of interactive objects like barrels, that can be looted.



it's like the doors at the heart of gold!


This door says: enter me!



12. Can we have enemy dots on the minimap?


Enemies will be displayed as red dots on the mini map when your party has the danger sense buff.






13. I get stuck in fights. What can I do about this?


We’re working on this. In the meantime, when you get stuck, try pressing Ctrl-alt-R.



14. Why can’t I flee from battle?


Once you are engaged in melee combat you cannot flee anymore, because fleeing would be no fun with our turn-based system. We suggest to rather load a previously saved game in order to try again or to prepare for a tough encounter.



15. I want to attack an enemy of my choice! How about targeting enemies beyond adjacent tile?


You can target enemies in melee combat by clicking them. However, it is not possible to target single enemies that are not engaged in melee combat.



16. I’d also like to have the ability to attack enemies and initiate combat myself. Getting bow to expert and master levels gives a lot of extra range, but right now I can’t initiate combat from a distance, so it doesn’t do me any good. Additionally, when I open a door to reveal an enemy, I have to move to initiate combat, when I’d rather shoot the enemy.


This behavior is not intended and will be fixed for the final version.



17. How about making it possible to use ranged attack in melee combat?


In general, we don’t think this is a good idea, since it would harm the balance. That’s because in combination with crowd control spells (i.e. Gust of Wind, Entangle) the window of opportunity can be prolonged, Also, even if you do not prolong the range attack phase, you would get up to four attacks that don’t cost Mana and are free of retaliation. However, you can level up a Ranger until he or she gets promoted to Warden and receives the ability “Point Blanc Shot”. It allows the Warden to use the ranged attack in melee.



female ranger


Yes Sir, I can boogie. Even in melee.






18. Weapons still break too quickly! How about a repair skill? I don’t want to carry around ten swords!


We will think about further decreasing the break chance for weapons. There also is a hireling which will repair the equipment of your party. Also, please note that a broken weapon can still be used, it’s just less effective.



stick them with the pointy end!


Stick 'em with the pointy end!



19: I think it would be much more fun and “interactive” if you had much more mana, maybe twice or even more and make the mana potions more powerful. Or let the mana regenerate.


We won’t have automatically recharging Mana or Health. The effect would either be to subtle to experience it or to get actual benefit from it, or it would lead to players letting their parties jump back and forth in order to recover them.



20. Shopping could be more fun if there were more basic items, more enchantments, more trading options (“show me the basic/good/overpriced awesome stuff”)


There will be no special trading options. However, more item tiers are planned, because we also think that currently there’s not enough item variety to keep the item progress interesting. This includes literally all kind of items from armor pieces, jewelry, weapons, shields and the prefix/suffix probabilities and combinations of magic items. The design goal is to eliminate the “Oh, it´s the same dagger AGAIN”-feeling. Also, merchant offers will be a little more individual, fitting the merchant’s location and background. For instance, the chance to find fire based equipment will then be higher at dwarven merchants.





More items will make shopping much more fun. Shop til you drop! Or shop if no one drops the items you need.