Detailed patch plans


Detailed patch plans

Hi all,


Thanks again for all your great feedback that were summed up in our blog posting last week. We noticed several new feedbacks thereafter, not only during our second dev chat, but also on the Early Access forums, the blog or other communities and we’re busy working through those right now.


As you might have already read, we have planned a first patch since we read your first feedback last week. Today, I’d like to share with you more details in regards to its content and timing. So please find below info about:


  • When the patch is planned
  • Where and how you will be able to get the patch
  • What the patch will contain


Besides this rather small patch, please note that we do plan more patches until final release, of course.


When I write that this patch is a rather small, then I mean that it mainly contains bug fixes and improvements of already existing features, however those are quite a lot! It was important to us, to provide you a patch with fixes as quickly as possible, so I hope that you guys will enjoy it.


Please note, that in order to provide you this patch asap, it did not go through all the different test channels it normally needs to go through, in order to be an official patch, so you might want to read the section “Where and how will you be able to get the patch”.


However future and especially the “official patches”, may include -besides bug fixes, polish and other game (balancing) improvements- new game content! So stay tuned and watch out for news on our blog! :)


Unofficial Patch


Timings of the patch


We plan to deliver this first unofficial patch this week! If all goes well tomorrow, but most definitely before Thursday!


Where and how will you be able to get the patch


As already mentioned, it was important to us to provide you this patch as quickly as possible, therefore it did not go through all the different “greenlight channels” it normally needs to go through, in order to be an “official patch”. So this patch is labelled as an “unofficial patch” and will therefore probably be available through the beta section at steam and through a download link for everyone else, which we’ll provide to you guys on the blog.


If we’ll use the beta section on steam, you guys will receive a password and a small guide so that you get your patch asap. We’ll let you know the outcome and the exact details on the day of the patch.


Content of the first patch


Although I called this patch “small” and although it is labelled as “unofficial”, it still contains quite a lot of changes. So please find below all changes mentioned in a bullet point manner. Please let us know, if you have any questions:


  • Resting and conditions: The following conditions are now removed by simple resting:
    • Weak
    • Paralyzed
    • Feebleminded
    • Asleep
    • Unconscious
  • Restocking of shop items now available!
  • Cure in temple is also resetting the resting timer, so that the party cannot get weak directly after cure again (player feedback implemented).
  • Time management in MMX has been changed according to player feedback to see how it feels like (still WIP).
    • Time spent per turn has been updated as follows:
      • City: 1 minute per turn
      • Dungeon: 2 minutes per turn
      • Outdoor: 5 minutes per turn
  • Item break chance is now applied as designed (break chance is not checked on each fight action anymore)
  • Actions can no longer be removed from action bar by simple drag and drop as it confused players. It is now only possible to overwrite them with other actions.
  • New “identify item logic” for merchants is added (UI instead of just a dialogue option)
  • Potions can now be consumed by dropping the potion on the character portrait
  • Hireling inventory implemented (Mule/Aonbarr)
  • Voice overs for Narrator and Dunstan in Act 1 added
  • Video Player setting workarround added especially for those players, who had difficulties installing the game (black screen reports) and for whom deactivating k-light codec and updating WMV player did not work:
    • “videodecoder” parameter added to config. txt (next to the save games)
    • Can be configured with the following value: “none” = videos are disabled in the entire build
    • Please note that the team is currently working on a new video solution (bink)
  • Several screens and popups now have hotkey shortcuts for closing/canceling (escape) and confirmation (space/return). Space can no longer be used within save game name (player feedback). Conversations can now also be left with escape.
  • Several improvements and changes to reduce patch size
  • Other UI Polishing:
    • Level up attributes UI updated
    • Quests in the quest log window are sorted like in the journal screen.
    • Action log messages added when push back of “Gust of Wind” is not working and also when a (de)buff cannot be applied
  • Bug fixes
    • [Bestiary][Texts] There is an incorrect message displaying in Bestiary page.
    • [Blocker] The combat turn will get stuck when starting battle with two Rogue Mages in 2nd floor of Castle Portmeyron.
    • [Collision] A certain chest and a pile of items' collisions are missing in Castle_2.
    • [Combat][RangedAttack] The splash damage which is related to Magic school is missing in Ranged Attack.
    • [Combat][Texts] The tooltips of combat will be overlapped with monsters' buffs.
    • [Condition] The character who is in negative condition (Dead) still can open the secret.
    • [Condition] The Might & Perception values don't decrease as described when characters are Weak.
    • [Condition][UI] Only 1 condition will display in tooltip when Unconscious character gets weak or feebleminded.
    • [Ending Card][UI] The ending card doesn't fill in the screen.
    • [Freeze] Loot items will lead to the game gets stuck under a certain circumstance.
    • [GameMessage] The game message is incorrect when characters in unconscious condition.
    • [GameMessage][Skill] There is still a game message for reaching a new skill tier, even though players didn't add skill points successfully.
    • [Hireling] Player cannot hire Kengi in inn no matter what choice was selected.
    • [Hireling] The hireling "Rosalie" cannot be fired after the quest "Highwaymen" has been completed under a certain circumstance.
    • [Hireling] There’s a hidden hireling who has no function in the world.
    • [Inventory] Loot Items will vanish when the inventory was full.
    • [Item] The special function of the equipment which can add protection against negative condition will be triggered without limit.
    • [Item][Repair] The party still can choose Rapair Weapons even though they only have broken armors and sheilds.
    • [Item][Text] The description of item Clarity Potion is incorrect.
    • [Load/Save] The difficulty Setting is not displayed in the archive info.
    • [Load/Save] The page numbers in Load interface is always same as Save interface, even they have different number of record.
    • [Load/Save][Buff] The Buff which was applied to the party before saving, will disappear after loading the record.
    • [Load/Save][Condition] The negative condition appearance of characters will be removed after loading the game record.
    • [Load/Save][Delete] Cannot delete any archive after entering the game and exiting to main menu.
    • [Load/Save][Lever] The triggered lever will be reset to original status after loading the record.
    • [Load/Save][Party] The selected character will be reset to first one after loading the game record.
    • [Load/Save][Text] Cannot input "space" character when creating a new save-game.
    • [Load/Save][UI] The detailed information of deleted record will still remain in the left side of Load/Save interface.
    • [LOC][Weapon][Elrath's Breath] Description of the weapon which has the ability - Elrath's Breath cannot match its real effect.
    • [Logic][Secret] Some of the secrets can be opened twice under a certain circumstance.
    • [Map] Unexpected blanks are shown in the area map of Cave and Cryp.
    • [Map][GameMessage] The name of map "Cave" is spelled in a wrong way.
    • [Monster][Dialog] The party can approach Mamushi without closing his dialog box.
    • [Monster][Mamushi] Mumashi will trigger his "Boss" ability in improper times after suffering a debuff from the party.
    • [Monster][Spell] Party will get a attacked feedback when Coral Priestess cast Liquid Membrane.
    • [Monsters][Ability] Cyclops' ability - Sweeping Attack always will hit the first character in party.
    • [Monsters][Ability] Mamushi still can suffer from the damage of Poison Spray debuff, even he has the Boss ability.
    • [Monsters][Debug] The description of Mamushi's 3 abilities - Boss, Curling, Push are debug.
    • [Monsters][EliteCyclops] One of Elite Cyclops' ability buff - Demonic Lineage displays as debug.
    • [Monsters][Kenshi] The monster Kenshi can trigger the ability - Relentless twice in a row at the same time.
    • [Monsters][Retaliation] The monster's ability Retaliation still can bring damage to party member even after that monster is dead.
    • [Monsters][Spell] Monsters' spell "Paralyzed" has animation, but no actual effect.
    • [Monsters][UI] Monsters HP bar will also move if turning camera during battle.
    • [NPC][Hireling] The hireling Felipe near the stables cannot be fired once he's been hired.
    • [NPC][Stable][Hireling] The NPC dialogue will transfer to Arthur's after selecting Hire horse at Felipe.
    • [NPC][UI] The option when hiring Packhorse is incorrect.
    • [Options][Hotkeys] The hotkeys cannot be changed again after deleting them and rebooting the game.
    • [Quest] The quest "Jassad's Bestiary" cannot be completed even if there were more than 10 creatures in the bestiary.
    • [Resolution] Game resolution cannot change to the highest in window mode.
    • [Rest] No buff was added to the party if they rested in the inn.
    • [Rest] Rent a room in inn also consumes one unit of supplies.
    • [Save/load] The location on world map will missing after loading any archive.
    • [Save/Load][Cyclops] The monster "Cyclops" in map Dangerous Cave will missing under a certain circumstance.
    • [Scroll] It will cost adjacent two characters' action turn when using the scroll - Water Flows Freely.
    • [Scroll][Water Flows Freely] The scroll of Water Flows Freely cannot cure paralyzed party member.
    • [Skill][Effect] There is only 1 blood splash when characters equip Dual Wield skill to perform 2 attacks.
    • [Skill][Magical Focus] Damage of magical focus attack won't increase after reaching the grand master tier of Magical focus.
    • [Skill][Sword] Expert tier bonus of sword's effect is not the same as it is said in tooltip.
    • [Sound][PartyBark] When the whole party is weak / feebleminded, all characters bark at the same time and sound will be overlapped.
    • [Spell][Burning Determination] The effect turns of Burning Determination cannot match that in tooltip.
    • [Spell][Dark Vision] The spell Dark Vision has no function.
    • [Spell][Logic] The healing spells which must be chosen by players cannot be used during battle under a certain circumstance.
    • [Spell][Mana Surge] Spell Mana Surge has no function.
    • [Spell][Mana Surge] The tooltip of spell "Mana Surge" cannot match its actual result.
    • [Spell][Poison Spray] The further damage of spell Poison Spray is improper when casting on some certain monsters.
    • [Spell][UI] The tooltip of the buffs will become confused under a certain circumstance.
    • [Suggestion] Equipment is easily to be broken and it forces player return to town to repair.
    • [Suggestion][Time] Time in game is too fast.
    • [Text] One word is wrong in tooltip of Medium Armor expert tier.
    • [Tutorial][UI] The "Equipment" hint will lead the game gets stuck.
    • [Tutorial][UI] The hints will repeatedly pop up when player opens the "Show hints" again in Options.
    • [UI] All the buttons on “Identify Items” window doesn’t work by left-clicking the mouse.
    • [UI] Delete button of the input options has no function.
    • [UI] HP bar and Mana bar will not change timely if the max value is increased by skills.
    • [UI] Monster's buff always placed in front of the game frames.
    • [UI] Only one splash damage was displayed if one character attacks enemy with 2 strikes.
    • [UI] Player only can buy 1 potion in shop no matter how many numbers he enters.
    • [UI] The basic combat action and best health / mana potion which are assigned to quick action slot will vanish under certain circumstance.
    • [UI] The loot item UI will overlap with NPC's dialogue under certain circumstance.
    • [UI] The tooltip of characters' HUD will remain on NPC's dialog box under certain circumstance.
    • [UI] The UI of range attack and some attack spells in shortcut bar are improper.
    • [UI] There are 3 non-ACT 1 locations displaying in map and their names are all debug.
    • [UI] There should be a warning message to tell players that they should restart game after switching language.
    • [UI] Tooltip in the spell book is improper when player opens it for the first time.
    • [UI] Tooltip of Token in inventory is debug info.
    • [UI][ActionBar] The effect of action bar will be performed when typing corresponding numbers during saving game.
    • [UI][ActionBar] The number of potions is not consistent with it is in inventory.
    • [UI][Attributes] The "cancel" button in points distribution page is not clickable again after adding 1 point then quiting.
    • [UI][Bestiary] The Cyclops displays incomplete in the monster animation frame of Bestiary.
    • [UI][Camera] The camera will shake each time when players are switching equipment by right-clicking the mouse.
    • [UI][Dialogue] The Dialogue of Rosalie will pop-up every time the party move to the entrance of Lair_of_Thief.
    • [UI][Input] The effect of deleting a hotkey will not reflect in game immediately until rebooting the game.
    • [UI][Inventory] The items which were assigned to quick action slot will be disappeared under certain circumstance.
    • [UI][Loot] There is a blank gap between looted items and updated gold value randomly.
    • [UI][Menu] Main menu will stay in the foreground under certain conditions.
    • [UI][NPC] The texts in NPC's dialog will become corrupted after interacting with several NPCs.
    • [UI][PartyCreation] Player can’t continue to create a party in Manual Creation under certain circumstance.
    • [UI][PartyCreation] The green ticks on characters' portait will be corrupted when mouse-over on some skills in character customization page.
    • [UI][Poison Spray] There is no splash damage number showed for the further damage of Poison Spray.
    • [UI][Random] The shortcut action bar becomes completely corrupted after loading the archive randomly.
    • [UI][Save/Load] Player cannot load any archive when the saved record is paralleled with "OK" button of confirmation box.
    • [UI][Scroll] Icon of the scrolls in the shortcut bar will become improper under a certain condition.
    • [UI][Scroll] The scroll still will be performed when right-click the scroll to sell it in vendor's room.
    • [UI][Spell][Dispel Magic] Characters' buffs will exist forever and show improperly after character uses spell "Dispel Magic".
    • [UI][Sundering] The data in debuff icon cannot match that in spell tooltip of Sundering at certain levels.
    • [UI][Text] Wrong texts like '10%%' exist in tooltip of equipment.
    • [UI][Trade] The interface of Trade will be overlapped with NPC's dialogue interface.
    • [Vendor] Items in vendors never been refreshed.
    • [WTB] Party cannot enter Lighthouse anymore if the exit the dungeon before Mamushi is killed.
    • [WTB][Load/Save] Game cannot continue when loading any archive after "Exit to Menu".


    It looks like quite a lot of smaller bug fixes, doesn’t it. However please be aware, that fixing something here may break something there. So all in all, the team worked quite a bit last week! Also, please note that follow-up bugs may occur.


    So now, please hold thumbs with us, that this patch will be available tomorrow already or latest on Thursday! :)


    *Holding Thumbs*


    Anna (LE-Larissa)


    Important disclaimer

    As stated before, please note that we worked on fixes regarding save/load issues, which is why we cannot guarantee that your save games work after the patch. If you want to keep your save games, you may want to create a copy of your save file in a different, separate folder.