Details about: Post-launch Patch 1

Patch details


Hello Adventurers,

Don’t give way to despair! The patch is on its way and will arrive on the 2nd half of February (exact date to be confirmed as soon as possible!). Among other things, it will include:

  • Three new dungeons (including the Community Dungeon you created: we have 2 special guests on our Credits now!). We will give you more information about them within the next days but to give you a small insight: two of them will be available for everybody & the last one is exclusively for deluxe buyers!
  • Improved performance & clearer texture quality setting (you can expect some improvement on open world but we will continue to work on this point along next patches too)
  • Reduction of save corruption risks (we are still working on it, however we recommend you to delete existing ones and disable Uplay Saves Sync if you experienced this issue)
  • 16/10 resolution is now officially supported by the game
  • Fixed modding kit for the final version of the game
  • Spirit Beacon bug is now fixed; invisible enemy won’t haunt you anymore! (You can no longer use it in dungeon or with close enemies)
  • Numerous additional bug fixes & balancing (many of them reported by the community)
  • Etc.


Please check the list at the end of this article for detailed information about the patch. Also, we're still working on a Mac version of the game. It still needs to be tested and optimized and we hope we can deliver it within the first half of 2014.

We are aware we still have improvements to achieve and we deeply apologize to all of you. We are doing our best to understand, reproduce and find solutions. Please have a look on where we are standing today regarding the following topics:

  • Performance improvement & heat issues: Of course we will continue improving the game performance and still have some challenges ahead in this point. However, with this new patch, you should be able to better tweak the game and have a real positive impact on your game performance. For instance, we strongly recommend you to reduce the shadow distance & shadow qualities that are the main too “greedy” options. Don’t forget to reducing the globalgame quality, we know the game can be “heavy”.
  • For those who can’t access Act 2, we are still trying to identify all possible cases. However, thanks to some important fixes, this should be fixed for most of you. Still, we will need your feedback to confirm this and explorealternative solutions.
  • If you still have difficulties connecting to Uplay or recovering your Uplay rewards, we will need your rendezvouslog & saves to check this. 
  • Concerning bugged quests, we should have fixed most of them, however we continue our tests and improvements. We recommend you to load your existing saves after the update, create a new save, and then load it in order to apply all patch modifications. If this doesn’t solve the issue, please share your saves with us on the forum.

Again, we understand your frustration and we really want to fix all those issues as soon as possible and the best way we can imagine. Our team will continue support and we will let you know as soon as a further patch is planned.

Thanks again for your support,
your MMX dev team

4.6. 1.4 version release note.

o    New Content:    
•    3 new dungeons:
•    Exclusive Dream Dungeon
•    Community Dungeon
•    Limbo Dungeon

o    Changes
•    16:10 resolutions are now available with UI accordingly updated.
•    Hint for texture details option is added in game (it still only configurable in the  main menu)
•    Asian language fonts are now only loaded if needed (memory improvement)
•    Reduced the amount of path-finding calculations per monster each turn (caused performance issues on certain places in the world map)

o    Balancing changes
•    Added Dark Nova to Faceless (Core and Elite)
•    Split monster ability "Battle Spirit" into three different variations: for Militia Captain, Black Guard Captain and Naga Warlord
•    Increased 2-Handed Weapon Damage and Crit Chance
•    Increased Ranged Weapon Damage and Crit Chance
•    Increased 2-Handed Magical Focus Damage
•    Reduced Magical Focus Crit Damage Increase
•    Reduced Magical Focus Damage Increase (Grand Master Bonus)

o    Bug fixes
•    Issues reported by the community
•    Quest UI bug when you click the "Show finished quest" option, the page number text "Page x/x" will glitch.
•    The 'Dual Wield' skill does not provide a number on Attack Value increase on the off-hand weapon.
•    Alesia - Healer doesn't refill Mana, only Health.
•    Radiant Weapon spell incorrect behavior, enemies still block attacks.
•    Paladin Promotion quest - You can obtain another copy of the 2nd Stone Disc fragment if you discuss again with the Blackfang Smuggler.
•    In “The Slums” area in Karthal City, a barrel containing a spider teleports in a different location of the map.
•    Bow and Crossbow Grandmaster Trainers have an incorrect conversation string when asking for training after completing their quests. They consider that you’re already a Bow or Crossbow Grandmaster.
•    Acid Splash spell incorrect behavior (decreases the armor rating by 50% and removes 50% of melee block attempts).
•    Mispell of "Consumed" with Elixir of Potency = conusmed (loc issue)
•    Typo in the description for the different masteries of the Medium Armor skill.
•    The letter related to the siege of the castle in the Aegyn Peninsula does not disappear after finishing act 1.
•    Bug in the Bestiary entry bug, Minotaur's skill Crush description says '404 MONSTER_ABILITY_CRUSH_INFO'
•    Romuald Hireling (Negotiator)- Incorrect behavior when buying a mana potion, price is “86” but “100” is removed from purse.
•    After completing Naga Tea quest, it is possible to receive duplicate copies of the various teas from the original people.
•    The "Doctor" Hireling ability can be used in battles without costing a turn. This makes status changes too easy to dispell.
•    'Hour of Power' buff tooltip you can obtain by praying at shrines says you get a bonus of 10, which only provides 4.
•    Dodge Expert incorrect training cost at Seahaven.

o    General bug fixes
•    The defender cannot finish the promotion quest if the player kills the Davros and free the Dwarves before getting the promotion quest.
•    Lore books in Lore page cannot be fully displayed if unchecking "Show all books".
•    The SFX of Manco's spell - Chain Lightning is incomplete, in Cave_3.
•    Lev cannot send the party from “Elemental Forge 4” back to “The Castle Portmeyron”.
•    The tooltip of Cyclops' magic power contains debug info.
•    The party can get tokens “Tea” again, even the quest is already completed.
•    The hireling Alesia can only restore HP and inconsistent with the description in the tooltip.
•    The token “Hidden Scrolls” should not display as usable token in map “Karthal_Sewers”.
•    The objective stating "Find Kirk" of quest "Lost Lambs" shows improperly under a certain circumstance.
•    One word in the Lore Book "A Tour of the Free Cities" is incorrect.
•    The token "Flute" won't disappear after playing right notes with it in front of the crystal in Sudgerd.
•    The last dialog with Blind Shaman always shown as "You are not chosen" even if player has already completed the quest "Warmonger Promotion".
•    The Heame still talks about same sentence, even after finished the quest "Haart has its reason".
•    The page footer will be corrupted after checking the "Show finished quests" in quest book.
•    The Magic Power data of Moonsilk Spider in Bestiary is not complete.
•    The SFX of spell “Fire Blast” displayed improperly when turning camera.
•    The ongoing quest Jassad’s Bestiary needs one more tip to notice players that Bosses and Elites are not counted.
•    The second step of “Darkness in the lighthouse” cannot be updated.
•    Player can bring Falagar to city Karthal without blocking.
•    The collision of the shadow dragons is improper in Tomb_of_Thusend_Terrors_4.
•    The action “Harpoon” still affects enemies, even it is blocked or missed.
•    The quest: Partners in crime (3/4) updated incorrectly when the party goes to the Skull_Rock and get the Blackfang’s Chest first.
•    The battle music keeps playing instead of reverting to normal with high probability.
•    Entire dungeon will be reset if the party teleported by casting the spell Spirit Beacon then revisit the dungeon.
•    The players get the two slides for completing ‘Haart has its reasons’ with telling the truth mostly to Heame.
•    The close button doesn’t work when answering Lord Kilburn’s questions.
•    There is no prompt in option, when the party doesn't have enough money to identify items in store.
•    Monster (Elite) Naga Warlord still can trigger the ability Sweeping Attack when it casts spell Battle Spirit.
•    The UI of the door to the Vigil_3 in Vigil_2 (1,14) should be a downstair icon.
•    The text of the potion: Elixir of Potency is improper.
•    The actual effect when Facehugger triggered the ability Mana Leech or cast spell Chain Lightning is improper.
•    The token will always display on the right-bottom corner even nobody in the party can use it.
•    The side quest: Pirate Truce cannot be finished if the player enters The Crag before getting this quest, and reenters it.
•    The paladin promotion quest token can be sold again after this quest has been done.
•    The damage from monster dealt by the ability "Overwhelming Assault" will delay for a second.
•    The effect of any entrance will vanish after saving and loading game when standing in front of it.
•    Normal save will change into Auto-save after inputting certain name.
•    The fight music won't stop after killing enemies in maps Cave_2, Pao_Kai_Nest_1 and Karthal_UnderSiege.
•    Potion or scroll doesn’t be discounted after buying it with hireling “Romuald”.
•    The Boss who has a dialog will perform an extra action when the dialog was triggered.
•    The corpse of Pao Kai is floating in the air.
•    The description of “Terror” is “Lasts 0 turns”.
•    Identify items from the hireling Karim still charges fees.
•    The aggro flag turns red after the first action of the monsters.
•    The locked chest cannot be looted for the second time.
•    The stackable items cannot be sold when there's only one in the Inventory .
•    The SFX of spell “Fire Shield” can be triggered by retaliation from enemies.
•    Cost in game is always the same.
•    The SFX of Manco's spell - Regeneration presents only on the weapon, in Cave_3.
•    The message of Rest within Owl Cave still showes after promotion is finished.
•    The monster who has ability Pain reflection cannot reflect the melee damage caused by Magic Focus.
•    The sound-fx of solving the secret will replay after the party back to Den_of_Thief_1 from DoT_2.

o    Dev Tools update
•    Code update so that with the new version created mods are compatible with the game again

o    New assets added
•    City assets updated with buildings from Seahaven, Karthal and The Crag.
•    Faceless dungeon set
•    Karthal Palace dungeon set

o    Usability improvements implemented
•    Default configurations for a faster placement of monster, doors, secrets and other interactive objects
•    Automatic updates is no longer overriding all previous settings
•    Terrain type definitions added
•    Zone specific lighting
•    General visibility improvements