Did you...


While we are finalizing our first big patch, here are some things you might want to check out next time you play Might & Magic X – Legacy  :)


So, did you…


  • …find all the references to previous Might & Magic games?
  • …notice the sketches on Edwin’s wall?
  • …know who Jassad is?
  • …recognize the name of the Mace Relic?
  • …find all the references to former Might & Magic developers?
  • …find all the links to the other games set in Ashan?
  • …tried to use Lord Haart’s Elven Dictionary to translate all Elven names?
  • …notice that most NPC names have some sort of hidden meaning? (for instance, “Felipe” means “one who loves horses”)
  • …see all the unique dialogs with some of the Dwarf NPCs if you have Dwarves of specific classes in your party?
  • …know what was wrong with Mayneri’s pendant?
  • …recognize the game Ryu is busy creating?
  • …find all the Forgotten Saga poems?
  • …find the Flute?
  • …find out what the Flute actually did? :)
  • …recognize the name of the Minotaur Champion found in the Dubra Scrubland?
  • …recognize the name of the “Pack Horse” Hireling?
  • …find all the references to Twin Peaks, including the entrance to the Black Lodge?
  • …find all the references to Doctor Who?
  • …find all the references to Star Trek?
  • …find all the references to Star Wars?
  • …find all the references to Casablanca?
  • …find all the other movie references (including, but not limited to, Rocky, Superman II, the Good the Bad the Ugly…)?
  • …find all the references to Leiji Matusmoto’s works?
  • …find all the references to the Monkey Island series?
  • …find all the other video game references (including, but not limited to, Wing Commander, Wizardry, Doom…)
  • …recognize Zakaral (OK this one is mostly aimed at French nerds :p)
  • …find other secrets and easter eggs that are not part of this list? Then share your findings in the comments below :)