Dragon Blessings


In today’s post, we’ll talk about one particular aspect of the gameplay of Might & Magic X – Legacy: the Dragon Blessings.


If you played the early Might & Magic games, for instance World of Xeen, you probably remember there were forest, mountain and water tiles you could not enter without a specific skill: Pathfinder, Mountaineer or Swimmer. This was probably one of the best and most memorable features of the games, and one we really wanted to bring back in Might & Magic X – Legacy.


Trees of Xeen

The sheer awesomeness of trekking through forest tiles in World of Xeen.


Unfortunately, it wasn’t possible to redo it exactly the way it was done back then: the first difference comes from the way skills are handled in MMXL, much closer to the skill systems of Might & Magic VI to IX. In MMXL what we call a “skill” can be improved by spending points and seeking trainers.


Since abilities like Pathfinder and Mountaineer are more like on/off switches, we decided to put them in a separate category: rather than “skills”, they became what we eventually called “Blessings”.


The Blessings are received from the Elemental Dragon Gods of Ashan (click here to learn more about them). For instance the Blessing of Sylanna, Dragon Goddess of the Earth, is the equivalent of the old Pathfinder skill.


The Elemental Wheel


The Elemental Wheel shows the six Elemental Dragons of Ashan:
Earth, Fire, Air and Water cross in the middle, while Light and Darkness circle around them.


Another problem we encountered came from the visual representation of the game’s world. It’s easy to walk on a forest tile when the trees are just 2D sprites - in a 3D world, where objects have volume and the ground is not necessarily flat, it becomes much more complicated.


That’s why in MMXL dense forests and mountain areas are closed off by special “seal” tiles that can only be passed through if the party has the corresponding Blessing. Walking on water still works the same way as it did in the old games however (although you cannot walk where the water is too deep).


 Seal of Sylanna

The Seal of Sylanna marks the entrance to a sacred forest. You’ll need her Blessing to enter.


There are six Blessings in the game, and they are obtained in a dungeon called the Elemental Forge by restoring the ancient altars and completing various challenges to prove your worthiness. The Forge is a dungeon you’ll have to return to several times, as you discover how to restore each altar. Three of the Blessings are necessary to complete the game, the other three are just meant to make your life easier.


That’s it for this short introduction to the Dragon Blessings, and we hope you’ll have fun trying to unlock them during your adventures in the Agyn Peninsula.



Fire Room

Can you restore the Altar of Fire without getting burnt to cinders?