Dungeon layout contest: We have a winner!


Hey everyone,


the dungeon we're building together will turn out just great! Thank you to all who have contributed to the contest, and thanks to all who participated in the votes! The winner of the dungeon layout contest is ...


::: Crow's Fortress by Sandro :::


This is what it looks like:


Crows Fortress Ground Level




Crows Fortress subterranean





Congratulations, Sandro!


So, what kind of dungeon do we have now?


Currently, the special community dungeon can be described as follows:


  • It mainly uses the Shantiri Ruins tile set
  • The gameplay is balanced between combat and riddles
  • The theme is Non-Elemental
  • The dungeon is populated by Undead
  • The story is about love and betrayal, involving a prince, sorceress, and a witch
  • The dungeon layout will be Sandro's 'Crow's Fortress'


What about the next vote?


We have received lots of feedback for the Early Access version of MMX. We're currently discussing it here at the team and working on ideas for the next vote. So the votes will go on soon, we'll keep you posted!


Your MMX team


Reminder: this vote is only related to one special dungeon of the game, not the game as a whole. There are more than twenty other dungeons waiting for you in MMX!

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