Easter egg revealed


Hey everyone,

a couple of days ago we showed you the making-of video of the MMX intro and mentioned that there was an easter egg hidden in the intro.

Has anyone found it? I'm asking because I'm going to spoil it now! ;)

But first here's the intro again:

Might & Magic X Legacy - Intro from Division48 on Vimeo.


The easter egg is a little NWC logo hidden among the illustrations of the book the narrator is reading. This is what it looks like in the book:


NWC logo in the intro

and this is the original logo:


NWC logo

The cutscenes in MMXL have been done by Polish studio Division48. They also worked on Call of Juarez: Gunslinger.


"They were the ones who suggested hiding a little something in the video" Creative Designer Julien (Marzhin93) says, "and after mulling it over we decided a little homage to NWC would be nice." So this is how it happened.

Cheers to all of you from the dev team!