Exclusive monsters


You discovered three weeks ago in the article “Here be monsters” one of the new frightening creatures that you will be able to find in Might & Magic X – Legacy: the Manticore.


Manticores are magical beasts that were transformed by the magic emanating from an underground Dragon vein. This creature’s poison should not be underestimated.




Next monsters are creatures from beyond the grave… Indeed, there will be undead creatures in Might & Magic X – Legacy.

You may run into a lot of ghouls… Ghouls are tormented spirits of the dead, bound by magic in lifeless corpses and filled with hatred for the living. They are wild and extremely destructive… You should grab any opportunity to take them down.




Ghouls did not come back from the dead alone. Skeletons may cross your path… They are ranged attackers that will fight until the end. Beware of their spears.




Ashan is a large continent filled with magic. You will eventually encounter some elementals into the wild or even in dungeons. Here are two of the elementals that you may encounter during your journey.


Fire ElementalAir Elemental


We hope you enjoyed discovering those new creatures but be sure you will encounter lot more of them during your adventure in Might & Magic X – Legacy!


Your Might & Magic team