Favorite class: The results


We have a winner! Many of you seem to like Freemages a lot - extremely effective casters, who pay for their overpowering Magic with being quite fragile. So it's a good idea to back them up real good, and your party will have a blast! Here are the vote results (Freemage is high on top, followed by Mercenary and Defender):


And here are some comments you wrote. Should we ever have to start an image campaign for the Freemage, we will definitely get back to you! ;)


"Freemage. For an awesome nuking/healing combination."



"Freemage definitely. Most powerful ranged character. Despite the fact, he is disbalanced."



"Freemage is the best. But very fragile."



The Freemage


Freemages are Wizards who left the Seven Cities after their studies to settle in the Free Cities. They often wander the world looking for interesting ruins or lost knowledge. They know very well how to support their party with their powers, and they easily connect with all schools of Magic. But they're physically weak, and therefore have to be protected by their more brawny companions.