Feature Preview: Map Notes

Hey everyone,


the whole MMX team here at Limbic Entertainment is currently working hard on the next patch. Today, I'm going to present you one of the features that will be in it: map notes.
Some of you have asked for it, while others laughed and said that a piece of paper does the trick, too. However, we think it's a nice little feature. Therefore Kutsi, a member of our programming crew, has recently implemented the map notes so they can be delivered to you with the patch.


First of all, important places or NPCs will be indicated on the minimap anyways when you move your mouse over it.


NPC tooltip on area map


For additional information, you will have the option to take your own notes. It will work by clicking on the Minimap in order to open the Area Map. Then you can click on the respective spot on the are map and a text window will open in which you can type your text.


Map note editor


Your note will be visible both in the Minimap and in the Area Map as a tooltip.


Map note tooltip


However, if you want to write a novel, this is not the best text editor you could choose, because it allows you no more than 256 characters per note. Enough to write some helpful memos to yourself though! ;)


Please remind the map notes feature is not yet available, but will be after the next patch, among other things.


Cheers from the Limbic Entertainment headquarters,

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