Here be Monsters


In today’s post, we’ll talk a bit about the monsters of Might & Magic X Legacy. After all, you’re going to spend a lot of time fighting these guys :)


There are around 60 different monster models in the game – not counting unique enemies and bosses. But each of these models is actually 3 different enemies, or grades.


There’s the “core” version of the monster, that is, the basic version. Then there’s the “elite” version : it has a slightly different colour palette, stronger stats and more abilities. And finally there’s the “champion” version. There’s actually only one champion per enemy type: it has a unique name, different colours (and sometimes even different weapons) and stronger stats and abilities than the elites. Champions are often encountered at the end of dungeons, and are like mini-bosses. Killing a Champion usually awards the coolest items of the game.



One model, three monsters



Let’s have a look at how monsters are handled in the game’s data, with a creature you already encountered in the Early Access: the good old Giant Spider. Apart from the obvious combat values (attack power, evade chance, etc.), here are some interesting values that define our eight-legged “friend”:


  • Size: Small, Medium or Large. It will determine how many monsters can fit in a single tile, but is also taken into account by some abilities (more efficient against large creatures for instance). In the case of the spider, it is considered a “Medium” monster.
  • Gender: it might seem trivial, but it’s actually important for localization.
  • IsFightMusicForced: some enemies, especially bosses, have their own battle music. This is where it is determined.
  • AIBehaviour: not all enemies behave the same way. The lowest AI level is called “Brainless” (that’s actually the AI level of the Giant Spider), but other values include “Average”, “Clever” and “Genial”. Bosses usually have their own AI Behaviour.


Giant Spider



  • Class: As you might have seen in the in-game Bestiary, enemies can be “Beasts”, “Humans”, “Humanoids”, “Elementals” or “Undead”. There are no Demons in Might & Magic X Legacy.
  • AccessibleTerrains: some enemies can fly, or walk on water. That’s where this is indicated. The Giant Spider is limited to normal, rough and forest terrains.
  • Spells: this lists the active abilities and spells used by the monster. The Giant Spider has only one: “Poison Spit”.
  • SpellRanges: if the enemy has spells or special abilities, can it use them from afar? For the Spider, this value is set on “1”, which means it can only use its abilities in melee.
  • CastSpellChance: The percentage of chance the monster will use its spells and abilities during its turn. For the Spider, this value is set as “0,3” so a 30% chance.
  • MaxHealthpoints: How much punishment the monster can take. For instance the Giant Spider has 111 HP (although, as all values currently in the game, it might evolve before the game’s release).


Manticore wants a hug

The Manticore is eager to meet you :)


  • MagicResistances: Some monsters can resist some types of magic damages. In the case of the Giant Spider, she has 10 points of Earth Resistance.
  • XpReward: well this one is pretty obvious, isn’t it? :)
  • SteadyLoot: these are rewards that are always dropped by the monster.
  • ItemDropChance: this is a percentage of chance the monster will also drop some item.
  • ItemSpecificationList: If the monster does drop an item, which kind of item will it be? This is where the game designer indicates it.
  • PrefixChance / SuffixChance: this indicates the chances that the item dropped by the monster is enchanted.


Bosses have the same set of stats, but the encounter usually has its own rules, which we call the “boss pattern”.


For instance Mamushi, the evil leader of the Cult of the Wrecker that you battle on the top level of the Lighthouse, has diagonal movement and can kill you by pushing the party over the ledge of the arena. He also becomes more deadly when his Health Points drop under a certain threshold. To triumph, you’ll have to use your brains as much as your brawn!


Mamushi, boss of the Lighthouse


That’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed this look at how monsters are handled in Might & Magic X Legacy!