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MMX has been officially released for more than a month now. Want to take a look at what the media say? Then check out the links below. Of course there are many more reviews out there, so this list is just an excerpt. If you have found something interesting yourself, please post it in the comments if you like.






Update 1:


Thanks to all of you who posted links in the comments. Here's an overview:


RPGcodex has a very thorough review, thanks MELNORME1984 for the hint! 

"To not be entirely on negative note, I add a link for one of more positive czech game reviews on", Jsebela said. Thanks also for the hint that I got the Eurogamer and Gamezilla Links wrong. Here's the link to Polish Eurogamer.

Daghoar posted another French review which appeared on the Dagon's Lair.

And Taxonomic hinted on this very positive English review on nichegamer.



Update 2:


Celestial Heavens has a list of reviews, too!




Let's start with a scorcher. Not only does Yahtzee from the escapist magazine talk very fast, he also isn't too fond of grid-based movement obviously: "An exercise in nostalgia"

Matt from digitallydownloaded loves MMX and gives it a 5/5. tl;dr: because it's old school, grid- and turnbased, looks good, is full of quests, dungeon design is superb and has some nice, readworthy in-game lore. 


Gameinformer's Daniel Tack says that "Might & Magic X: Legacy lives up to the quality of its long-lost predecessors"


Lazygamer: "There’s a ton of games on the market that go for the old school appeal. But Might and Magic X: Legacy is a different kind of beast. It’s the kind of old school adventure that when you hear your dad talking about how he could only wield a +5 sword of wrath when he battled the Ham Demon of Bacon’s Run back in 2005, you’ll turn to him and shout in a Yorkshire accent 'LUXURY!'. It’s pure Might and Magic, minus all of the sheen and marketing that accompanies games today. And honestly, I dig that approach." Honestly, I dig that review by Darryn Bonthuys.


Joystiq (Rowan Kaiser): "It's my new favorite installment in the series, and it offers a great example of how to update old-fashioned RPG mechanics for the present day." 


Rock, Paper, Shotgun: This is a very interesting review. See how Alec Meer goes from "Might and Magic thingy is terribad" and "I found it to be entirely tedious" to "M&MX managed to get under my skin" and "M&M gets good. Really good" within a couple of days of playing. 


crpgaddict: "I hope Might & Magic X is hugely successful, and more developers-not just indie developers-will realize they can make great games with classic tools." A Legacy Well-Served 


PC Gamer: Might and Magic X: "Spiritually, Might and Magic X can be neatly summed up in its first real conversation, when the captain of the first town's guard jokes 'Don't worry, I won't send you to go kill rats in a cellar,' and then without irony presents a quest called 'Spiders In The Well'." I'm so glad someone is commenting on this at last! It reminds me of this scene from thenoobcomic. (And I'd like to argue that in MMX as well as in The Noob, irony can be subtle up to the point where it is hard to perceive.) "It's certainly old-school in its brutality." 


Niche gamer: "A legacy of crushing combat"



And here are some reviews in other languages than English:



Czech: Anachronistic? Not necessarily