Puzzles and Riddles



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for many players of the M&M RPG series, solving riddles and puzzles was always a big part of the fun. And we're doing our best to keep it that way! You can find the first few riddles in the Early Access version, and currently our team is busy hatching a lot of new puzzle ideas for the Acts to come. Our aim is not to repeat the same puzzle over and over again, but to come up with different puzzle settings, types and combinations of them.



This lighthouse puzzles me!

One of the most puzzling light switches ever!



Currently, the MMX team is working on the following types of puzzles:


  • Lever puzzles: put some levers in the right position to open or close some passages. You must for example find the correct order or combination in order to progress.
  • Pressure plates: your party has to step on pressure plates in the right order. If you succeed, something special will happen.
  • Teleport puzzles:  "A classic from the Wizardry/Dungeon Master days", says Creative Designer Julien. There are 'teleport' tiles in the dungeon that send you to another part of the dungeon. Your job is to find out which tiles your party has to step on and in which order.
  • Riddles: A question is asked. You must find clues (in the dungeon for example, or by talking to NPCs) and then type your answer into a text field.



... but other types of puzzles are also being discussed. "There will for example be optional riddles or puzzles that will reward you with a great treasure when solved, but they will be very difficult", says Level Designer Angela from the MMX dev team. Other options that come into mind are musical puzzles, puzzles that work with a timer, and missing-piece puzzles. Edit: A missing-piece puzzle is a puzzle where you have to locate some items and put them into the right place. A typical example would be a cog you need to put on a mechanism. Can be combined with level puzzles for extra fun :)



It’s all about the details


While creating riddles and puzzles is fun, there are also many details that have to be taken into account. Should solving a certain puzzle be mandatory or optional? How do we make sure it's neither too easy nor to hard? Does the riddle work in all the different languages? Are the puzzles and riddles consistent with the rest of the story?




"And though I once preferred a human being's company, they pale before the monolith that towers over me"



And of course, where will each puzzle or riddle be located? There are for example different types of dungeons in the game; some are focused on combat, while others are heavy on riddles and secrets. Also, mysterious Obelisks have been spotted around the Peninsula, waiting for you to solve their mystery …



Your MMX team