Seahaven and The Crag


Last week we shared with you some information about Karthal. But you'll also visit smaller towns in Might & Magic X - Legacy. If you played the Early Access version, you're already familiar with Sorpigal-by-the-Sea. Today, let's have a sneak peek at Seahaven and the Crag.





Located near the Yon-Chall Forest, Seahaven is probably the most cosmopolitan town of the Agyn Peninsula, where Humans, Dwarves, Nagas and Elves cohabit in peace. An impressive fortress towers above Seahaven: it is the Windsword commandery, when one can join or recruit one of the most prestigious mercenary orders of Ashan.



Seahaven 3


"Welcome to Seahaven, Raiders. Stay out of trouble." (Seahaven City Guard)



Seahaven 1


"There are many companies of Windswords throughout the world, each having its own tradition and ethics, but we all believe in the ideals of Ylath, our patron Dragon-God." (Myranda, Windsword captain)



Seahaven 2


"Saa. It is indeed unusual to meet members of our species outside of the Lotus Empire. I arrived here a few years ago with my brother Tochiro, his wife Yayoi, and a few friends and servants. Our homeland of Hashima was at war, and the chief of our clan had sided with the wrong Daimyo. We had to look for a place to start anew." (Rinshoku, Naga banker)



The Crag


Once a quiet fisherman's village, the Crag is now occupied mostly by pirates and Orcs from the Savage Sea. For months its denizens have been making raids on the coasts of the Peninsula, paralysing maritime trade and adding to the general mayhem.



The Crag 1


"Many believe the Crag to be the end of the world -- beyond, there's only ocean as far as the eye can see." (Kirk, weather wizard)



The Crag 2


"Yuisa comes from Halaso island. Small tribe of Orcs there, Turtle tribe. Crag Hack found us while hunting Thunderbird, years ago. Turtle tribe proud to have fought at Crag Hack's side!" (Yuisa, Orc pirate)



The Crag 3


"Ah! It's only called the Crag because of the rocky cliffs. I know there are some rumours claiming the town is named in the honour of our Pirate King, Crag Hack, but between me and you, I think old Crag Hack's been spreading these rumours himself." (Largo, seller of secondhand weapons)