Secret Doors


Already one week since the release of Might & Magic X: Legacy. We saw on the forums that some of you have already finished the game. Well done! We hope you enjoyed it :)


We also saw many questions pertaining to the secret doors found in the game. We hope this blog article will help clear things up.




How can I spot secret passages?


In order to spot secret doors, you either need to have cast the spell Whispering Shadows (Dark school) or to have “hired” Spike.


Once you obtain the Blessing of Malassa, you will always detect secret doors automatically. Note however that Spike also gives you a bonus when it comes to opening the passage! Good dog! –err, wolf.




How do I know there’s a secret passage nearby?


When your party notices a secret door, they will usually say something aloud (in the vein of “Huh? What is that?”). When you get to the tile adjacent to the secret door, one of the following symbols will appear:




1. Eye of Malassa


Eye of Malassa


“There seems to be a magical barrier masking a passage…”


An illusion spell was cast here. A character with a high score in the Magic attribute might have a chance to dispel it.




2. Crack in wall


Crack in wall


“There seems to be a walled up passage…”


Brute force is the key here. Pick a character with a high score in Might and he might be able to bring down the wall.




3. Cogs




“A faint draft indicates a secret passage…”


Some hidden mechanism can open this door. A character with a high score in Perception might be able to find and activate it.


Happy adventuring!