Thanks so much for your previews & positive feedback


Dear MMX Early Access players,

Within our recent blog postings we wrote a lot about what feedback has reached us in regards to what all we can improve. As described to you previously, we’ve started working on these suggestions and first improvements are already available via the first unofficial patch.

However besides all these suggestions on what to improve, we also read very long, intensive and very well written previews, especially from some of the fan communities. So today I’d like to use this blog post to share with you some quotes of three of those previews and some links to the whole articles, if you are interested to read them completely.




Preview of RPG watch


Excerpt Conclusion

“That's about it for problems. With the mess that many games are on release day, this development team is way ahead of the curve and they already know most of the things they need to work on. You really can't ask for more than that.

Overall, the game was a blast to play and remained faithful to the mechanics established by the franchise over two decades ago. Ubi has some work to do, and they know it, but they've gotten a great start. Old skool RPGers should go ahead and schedule some vacation for early 2014. Y'all ain't gonna have time for that working and sleeping nonsense when MMX hits the shelves.”

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Preview of RPG Codex

Excerpt: A New Hope

“Might & Magic X: Legacy is in “open development.” That basically means that the game is an open beta phase and that the developers are actually listening to fans for feedback. I suppose, in a way, this preview is part of that. It also looks like Might & Magic X: Legacy will be using Uplay, Ubisoft's notorious DRM. I don't like it, you probably don't like it, but that's how it is. Perhaps Ubisoft can be convinced to release a DRM-free version on GOG or something at a later date.

Even though the preview game had some bugs (as is usual) and only covers Act 1 with a limited party selection, I must say I had a lot of fun playing it. More fun than I had imagined, me being a Might and Magic-newbie and all. The presentation is modern, with a colorful and slightly stylized art direction, yet the gameplay feels very true to dungeon-crawling classics of olden tymes. With more classes to choose from in the full game, and depending on how the other acts play out, I can imagine the game having some really good replayability value.”

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Celestial Heavens


Preview of Celestial Heavens


"The best endorsement I can give this game is to say I will buy it. Ubisoft appear to have learned the error of their ways with the Heroes franchise, and seem to have listened to the fans and the enthusiasts. It may not blow away the younger gamer who looks for continual combats and spectacular graphics, but I think the fans of MMVI will find this game comfortable to play. What I mean by that is the learning curve to this game will be very small. The tutorial-like menus that appear are more than adequate for anyone who just wants to sit down, install and play without spending time reading any of the documentation that should accompany any game."


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Has your community written a preview about Might & Magic X – Legacy? Leave us a comment and let us  know about it!

Besides those great previews, we also saw all the positive feedback that has reached us from you guys on the blog and the different forums.  Yesterday I took some of my time to do a small collage in order to share this motivating news with the team. Please find some of these screens below (click to enlarge).


Positive Feedback Sum up 1 Positive Feedback Sum up 2 Positive Feedback Sum up 3

Positive Feedback Sum up 4 Positive Feedback Sum up 5 Positive Feedback Sum up 6


Now here is a little side note:

Last months and especially the last weeks were really busy! And after working through the first weeks of feedback (good and bad), it’s time to go on holiday for Lore (LE-Lore) and I.  But don’t worry, the dev team will still keep the blog busy during the next two weeks! You might get a new poll in regards to the next bigger patch (1st official patch), you might read some more game design details and last but not least, maybe there will be background information on the art production of the cities or the Ashan universe!

So stay tuned! ;)

Meanwhile, please do not be upset if there is a little less answers on the forums during that time, as soon as Lore and I will be back, we’ll go through everything again!

*me waves*