The Ashan Legacy

Might & Magic X: Legacy is a stand-alone story, but it is integrated within the overall continuity of the world of Ashan. That means the game contains many references to characters and events that appeared in other games of the Might & Magic franchise, even some that weren’t released.


You don’t need to have played those games to enjoy Might & Magic X, but if you did, you will recognize some plot threads and characters. In case you didn’t play other games set in Ashan, here are the major connections.



Might & Magic: Heroes VI


Uriel's Death


The introductory movie of Might & Magic X: Legacy tells the story of the Archangel Uriel, and his machinations to rekindle the Elder Wars between the Angels (children of Light) and the Faceless (children of Darkness).


If you played the campaigns of Might & Magic: Heroes VI, this story probably sounds familiar. The brave heroes mentioned during the intro sequence, the ones who “saw through Uriel’s lies” and prevented him from achieving his goals, are the main characters of Heroes VI.


Might & Magic X is actually set a decade after the events of Heroes VI. Several characters of Heroes VI also make appearances in Might & Magic X: Legacy, mostly in support roles like trainers or class promoters, and sometimes as quest-givers.



Heroes VI - Pirates of the Savage Sea

 Pirates of the Savage Sea


The Pirates of the Savage Sea adventure pack for Heroes VI was taking place not very far from the Agyn Peninsula, so there are some connections.


For instance Jon Morgan, the governor you meet in Castle Portmeyron in Legacy, was already a major character in Pirates. By the way, in case you were wondering, this character’s moniker is a combination of the names of real-world privateer Henry Morgan and Might & Magic creator Jon Van Caneghem :)


Another returning element is the evil Cult of the Wrecker, as those nasty Nagas were the main adversaries in Pirates.



Might & Magic: Raiders


Might & Magic: Raiders


Might & Magic: Raiders was a free-to-play co-op hack’n’slash game that would have been set in and around the Free City of Hammer Fall. While the game was ultimately cancelled, we consider its story to have occurred nonetheless, a few years before the events of Heroes VI. All references to the city of Hammer Fall in Legacy are in fact nods to that game.


Writer Kurt McClung, who penned the story for Raiders, did a lot of work to flesh out what it means to be an adventurer in Ashan. Raiders would have chronicled the evolution of such a group of rogues, starting as little more than highwaymen but becoming true heroes during the course of the game.


By the time of Legacy, nearly fifteen years later, the heroes of Hammer Fall have become the mentors of a new generation of heroic adventurers. The player’s party members in Might & Magic X: Legacy are part of that new generation, and their mentor, Owen, may have been one of the (many) heroes of Might & Magic: Raiders.


The Elemental Forge of Spring, one of the main dungeons of Legacy, is also a reference to Raiders, as a similar structure called the Forge of Winter was located near Hammer Fall.


To honour the work of the Might & Magic: Raiders team, some of the characters they created make an appearance in Legacy.



Other games set in Ashan


Keep your eyes open and you might notice some references and cameos from other games set in Ashan, like Duel of Champions, Clash of Heroes, Dark Messiah, and even Heroes V and its add-ons.



And what about pre-Ashan games?


If Ashan is not your cup of tea, don’t worry : the classic Might & Magic worlds and characters have not been forgotten in Legacy. You can for instance expect to meet new incarnations of familiar heroes like Maximus, Lord Haart, or Sir Christian.


There are also bigger connections between Might & Magic X and its forefathers. But you’ll have to discover those by yourselves…




Maximus the Orc Knight was a character of the default party in Might & Magic III: Isles of Terra. He later returned in Might & Magic VII, and his Enroth incarnation was a Knight hero in Heroes 1 and 2. It seemed fitting to make him one of the very first quest-givers in Legacy :)