The Blade Dancer


Today we’d like to introduce the Bladedancer to you (See the first eight classes here the Hunter and the Rune Priest). Bladedancers are the Aikidoka among the classes, specialized in evasion rather than in resistance and brute force.


Book Blade Dancer


Elite among sylvan warriors, certain Elves dedicate their lives to the intricate Elven martial art known as the Battle Dance.


Bladedancers are light-footed, slick and stealthy. Spiritually, they’re rooted deeply in the powers of nature. Their combat style is highly defensive, but when they attack, they do it with rigor, good rhythm and precision.


Elven Specialties


Nature is the overwhelming force that drives all Elves. Like the other Elves, Bladedancers have a natural resistance against Earth Damage and have an outstanding ability to evade attacks.


Elf Specialties


Skill tiers


Bladedancers start with the Sword and the Dual Wield skill. They can become Grand Masters in both their start skills as well as in the Dagger and Dodge Skill. However, when it comes to the Schools of Magic, Earth seems to be the only thing they’re interested in.


Skills Blade Dancer



Blade Master


The Advanced Class of the Bladedancer

Some Blade Dancers reach a level of expertise so remarkable that their swordplay becomes a mesmerizing spectacle, the beauty of which can awe even their enemies in admiration. These Dancers are given the title of Blade Master by their peers, and can now teach what they know to others.


The abilities of the Blade Master: “Whirling Death” and “Carnage”

The passive ability “Whirling Death” grants Blade Masters an additional action for the current turn whenever they’ve killed a monster with a melee attack.


“Carnage”, an active ability, allows the Blade Master to simultaneously attack all targets in combat range. This costs 35 Mana.


Why would you want to have a Bladedancer in your party?


If you like a nimble, stealthy, but deadly fighter, then this class is for you. They make good use of their elven evasion bonus and their combat style is full of rhythm, hence the name Bladedancer. Also, male Blade Dancers are as scantily clad as the female ones. ;)


Female Blade Dancer


Male Blade Dancer