The Crusader


Meet the Crusader, the battle-priest of Elrath! Like sunflowers in armor, Crusaders always turn their heads to the light. Their main purpose is to protect their allies, heal their wounds, clean them of curses and even to bring them back from the dead.


The Crusader is the twelfth class we’re presenting to you here on the blog. You can see the first eight classes here, and there are also the Hunter, the Rune Priest and the Blade Dancer


Book of the Crusader

Crusaders can be found all over the world, spreading the teaching of the Light and fighting all the evils they encounter. 


Being Followers of the Light, Crusaders represent the ideals of truth, justice and perfection. As knights in shiny armor, they protect their party members from all evil, but are also quite capable to fend for themselves.


Human Specialties


Like all other humans, Crusaders have a strong connection to Air and Light. In General, humans are said to be dynamic, but rather short-lived compared to the other races.


Human Specialities


Skill tiers


Here’s how the Skills are distributed for the Crusader. They can become Grand Master in Swordfighting, Heavy-Armor-Wearing, Arcane Discipline and Light Magic (Sword and Light Magic are also their starting skills).


Skills of the Crusader


The Paladin


The Advanced Class of the Crusader

Champions of the impossible quests with faith as their guiding star, Paladins are Crusaders that have answered the calling of Elrath, the Dragon God of Light. They make a sacred oath that is magically binding and blesses them with tremendous powers that allies respect and rivals fear.


The Paladin’s special spells: “Lay on Hands” and “Mandate of Heaven”

The Paladin can completely restore all the Health of all party members by casting “Lay on Hands”. But all Mana will be gone after that.


The other special spell of the Paladin, “Mandate of Heaven” also costs all Mana. It is a party buff that adds Light Damage to all successful strikes caused by melee weapons, ranged weapons and magic foci wielded by party character.


Why would you want to have a Crusader in your party?


Why wouldn’t you want a heavy-armored healer who is also a Grand Master with the sword?


Female Crusader


Male Crusader