The Druid


You can already play the Freemage, the Ranger, the Defender and the Barbarian in the early access version of the game. During the last two weeks we presented you the Shaman and the Scout, followed today by a class that knows how to handle a spear and can also develop a vast mana capacity: the Druid!



Druids are the priests of Sylanna, Elemental Dragon of Earth and living embodiment of Nature. As such they are granted control over the magic of the elements, which they call upon in times of peril.


The Druids, compared to the human Freemages, are still closer to nature and the elements. This reflects in them being a bit more resilient - it's not uncommon to meet Druids wearing a spear instead of magic foci. They favor earth, water and prime magic and have mastered the art of channeling mana through mysticism, which enables them to reach the biggest mana capacity of all classes.



Elven Specialties


Nature is the overwhelming force that drives all Elves. It makes them resistant to Earth damage. Also, Elves are very good at evading attacks.





Skill Tiers


Druids start with Water and Earth Magic as starting skills. Here’s how the rest of their skills are distributed:





Druid Elder


The Advanced Class of the Druid


The title of Druid Elder is received in a dream. The Dragon Goddess of Earth, Sylanna, visits a Druid and asks them to dedicate their lives to the protection of Asha's creation and Sylanna's gardens. The title is confirmed by two other Druid Elders who come to the Druid saying, "I saw you and the Dragon in my dream. Welcome child of Sylanna."


Druid Elder Spell (Earth)


The Druid Elder’s spell "Harmony" calms all enemies. Only those close to the party will regain their hostility.



Why would you want to have a Druid in your party?


If you are willing to pass on fire magic, the Druid is your choice if you want to have a yielding and resilient caster.





(Please note that all info provided within this blog post and seen on the screens are still subject to change until final release of the game.)