The Rune Priest


Today you will get to know the tenth class: the Rune Priest. (See the first eight classes here and the hunter here.) Due to their their fondness for fire, earth, and light and their dwarfish specialties, Rune Priests can put a lot of power in their casting and healing while being remarkably robust.


Rune Priest


The Rune Priests are members of the Deepflame clan, a special caste among the Dwarves. The get recruited from children born with golden eyes, the mark of their god, Arkath, who are then brought up as battle-mages.



Dwarf Specialty


Like all Dwarfs, Rune Priests have increased fire resistance. Also, they get more health points per vitality point.


Dwarf Specialties




Skill Tiers


Rune Priests start with the fire and spear skill. They can become Grand Masters in Magical Focus, Fire, Earth and Light Magic.


Rune Priest Skills




Rune Lord


The Advanced Class of the Rune Priest


Rune Priests who have demonstrated both their mastery of the sacred rituals of Arkath, the Dragon God of Fire, and their valor in battle, earn the status of Rune Lord. This is a tremendous honor for a Rune Priest that is often marked by a magical brand or tattoo.


Rune Lord Specialty: the “Searing Rune” spell


When a Rune Lord casts “Searing Rune”, all monsters and characters on the targeted tile and the eight surrounding tiles get 50 fire damage at the end of the monster’s turn. 




Why would you want to have a Rune Priest in your Party?


If you want a reliable and sturdy caster who deals lots of damage and can also keep your party’s spirits high with heals and buffs, then you might like the Rune Priest. And also if you fancy face tattoos and big beards …


Female Runepriest


male Runepriest