The Scout


You can already play the Freemage, the Ranger, the Defender and the Barbarian in the early access version of the game. Last week we presented you the Shaman, followed today by the most outgoing of all Dwarves: the Scout!


the scout


The Dwarves of Clan Winterwind are the most outgoing of all of their kind. They are the ones most likely to be found on the surface or dealing with outsiders. They are expert travelers and have deep knowledge of the wilds.


The Scout and the Defender share the same taste in melee weapons, but apart from that the differences are substantial: What the Scout lacks in physical defense he makes up with higher vitality and arcane resistance. His magic abilities in the magic schools of fire and light make him a versatile caster of damage and healing alike. However, the strongest trait of the Scouts is their passion for crossbows - which only they can wield with grand master expertise.



Dwarven Specialties


Like all Dwarfs, Scouts have increased fire resistance. Also, they get more health points per vitality point. And if they're male, they have an impressive beard.


dwarf race abilities




Skill Tiers


These are the skills of the scout (start skills are Crossbow and Axe):


scout skills




The Pathfinder


The Advanced Class of the Scout


Scouts who have survived a dozen or so adventures on the surface of Ashan and whose tales have reached the ears of all the Dwarf Clans, are given the title of Pathfinders. It is said that Arkath guides their steps and that they are never truly lost, for each step is leading them to a chance for a fight, fortune and glory.


Active Ability: Snaring Shot


The Pathfinder performs a ranged attack with his crossbow, immobilizing the first target for one turn.



Why would you want to have a Scout in your party?


Scouts are a stout, yet astonishingly flexible class that excels at ranged combat with crossbows while retaining fair melee, casting and tactic abilities. Also, they’re nice to look at:


male scout 1


male scout 2



(Please note that all info provided within this blog post and seen on the screens are still subject to change until final release of the game.)